Products Liability

Supreme Court makes big ruling in asbestos case

Cases involving product liability can be confusing. Boiled down into simple language, these cases involve a person claiming that a product was defective in some way, and as a result of this defect they were caused some type of injury. These cases can result in substantial awards to an injured party, including people in New… read more

Manufacturer recalls defective Baby Jogger Strollers

Even the pickiest consumers get their share of defective products. Some product defects are not visible and it may be some time before they surface, possibly causing injuries. Those who sustain injuries due to a dangerous product may explore the possibility of product liability due to the maker’s negligence and pursue the manufacturer for damages…. read more

Defective product being recalled after injuring 61 people

In New York, consumers assume that the products they purchase have passed stringent quality checks. Because of this, Manhattan residents are convinced that the products they buy, especially baby products, are safe and user-friendly. However, this perception can sometimes be a critical mistake for consumers, and they may unknowingly purchase defective products that are harmful… read more

Auto manufacturer issues defective product recall

Products are made for the purpose of serving consumers by making their lives better and easier. Unfortunately, this is not the case with some automobiles. Because of negligent manufacturers, sometimes the use of a defective product in Manhattan results in life-threatening injuries. In fact, some of New York’s most terrible deaths came from accidents caused… read more

Recall: Egg shaker toy may be a dangerous product

In New York and elsewhere, parents are eager to give the children fun and exciting new toys, either to play with or to stimulate the growing mind. For many small children, the best toys are brightly-colored and emit intriguing sounds. Unfortunately, not all toys meant for children are safe, and parents should be aware of… read more

Organic sausage recalled for containing plastic pieces

In New York and elsewhere, individuals seek the healthiest and most natural foods available. However, sometimes the food we consume may contain defects and are considered dangerous products that could cause serious injuries. Recently, a food company has recalled one of its products. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service,… read more

Food company recalls pizza products due to defective screen

In New York and elsewhere, many individuals take for granted the food products we purchase from the grocery store. Many of us trust the manufacturers and retailers of the product to provide safe and eatable products. Unfortunately, some food products are not packaged properly and may be a defective product. Recently, a food company recalled… read more

100,000+ baby recliners recalled as defective product

Most parents in New York and elsewhere want to purchase the safest and most reliable toys, car seats and other products. This is especially true for first-time parents who want to provide the best for their newborns. Unfortunately, defective products sometimes unexpectedly harm newborns and children of all ages. When dangerous products harm individuals, those… read more

Over 200,000 travel beds recalled after injury and death reports

All parents want the best for their children. They want to provide the best and newest toys and gadgets. Unfortunately, some of these items may prove to be dangerous products, which could result in injuries or even death. Recently, a travel bed tent has been recalled after reports of children becoming trapped in them. The… read more

Spinach recall in New York

In preparing meals for their children, parents are typically concerned about whether there is enough nutrition in the meals and whether their children have had enough to eat. People often take for granted the food safety of their meals. Unfortunately, there are risks of outbreaks and contamination. Recently, a company recalled its product after it… read more