Truck Accidents

Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses in New York

In New York, like every other state, drivers must obtain a commercial driver’s license to legally operate certain vehicles, including tractor-trailers and buses. Going through proper training and acquiring a license helps ensure safety for the driver and others on the road and decreases truck accidents. What Is a Commercial Driver’s License, and Why Do… read more

Injured in a Truck Accident in New York? Here’s Why MCS-90 is Important

If you’re not a commercial trucker and you’ve never heard of the MCS-90 endorsement, that’s probably a good thing…it means you’ve never been in an accident involving a commercial truck where you needed to seek compensation for damages. However, should you ever wind up in one of the over 100,000 injury-causing truck accidents that occur… read more

Truck accidents often arise from driver errors or bad maintenance

Trucking companies and their drivers in New York have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles and drive with care. Although the majority of transport companies and employees take their duties seriously, the consequences can be catastrophic when something goes wrong. Commercial trucks might weight as much as 80,000 pounds. These enormous 18-wheelers can crush passenger… read more

Are you ready to share the road with e-scooters?

The rules of the road are always changing, but many New Yorkers may get caught off-guard by a law that may soon affect their safety on the streets. Both chambers of the legislature have passed a law that allows for rental e-scooters on New York streets, except for in Manhattan. The bill has not yet… read more

How common is substance abuse among truck drivers?

Riding alongside commercial truck drivers is an inevitable part of life for most New York motorists, but if sharing the road with these massive and heavy vehicles makes you uneasy, you are not alone. Additionally, the results of numerous studies indicate that you have good reason to fear sharing the road with commercial truckers, because… read more

What NOT to say after a car accident

Car accidents are unexpected and disorienting, but it’s important to pay attention to your conduct after one happens. If you are involved in an accident, remember not to say these three things. “Sorry” For some people, it’s instinctual to apologize whenever something doesn’t go exactly as expected. These are the people who say, “Sorry!” when… read more

Truck accident fatalities in New York

Commercial trucking is one of the essential components involved in keeping the domestic market moving as it is responsible for the delivery of countless consumer goods to end users and to businesses. In New York, there is respect for this work but there is also a concern about the safety of large commercial trucks on… read more

Rubbernecking is a bigger problem than we think

Driving around New York City, there’s a lot to take in. Buses, taxis and lost tourists create some major traffic problems, but the biggest offenders are accidents. Or more specifically, the drivers staring at an accident. One of the most infuriating parts of traffic congestion is that most of it is preventable. Rubbernecking is a serious… read more

Are truck drivers encouraged to speed?

The pressure to perform well at work is very real. Yet while you might feel it in your job, you may not automatically assign it to other professions in New York. Yet practitioners in all fields (including jobs that impact you both directly and indirectly) often feel compelled to do all that they can to… read more

Can sick truck drivers be made to work?

There is often an added degree of courage and commitment assigned to those who are willing to come into work when they are sick. While their dedication to their jobs may be admirable, in many cases, the best course of action may just be for them to stay home in bed. That is not only… read more