Truck Accidents

A safety review of trucks

The majority of accidents with trucks occur in one of the four “no-zones.” A no-zone is an area around the truck that is exceptionally dangerous because of the structure of the trucks. This post is specifically addressing big rigs with attached tractor-trailers. There are no-zones around every vehicle, including passenger cars, but in those situations, they… read more

Some safe driving tips from a trucking organization

The American Trucking Association (or “ATA”) put out some guidelines for drivers interacting with trucks. Trucks are an altogether different beast and, unless you were a former trucker, you probably do not appreciate how dangerous they are. Sure, it is easy to note the size and loudness of the trucks but it is hard to… read more

Things to know before seeing an attorney, pt. 2

Truck accidents are devastating, far more devastating than a run-of-the-mill crash between two midsize sedans. As discussed in a prior article, they are also complicated to litigate. This article is part two and sums up the rest of the information you should bring to a meetingg with an attorney. What will follow is broken down… read more

Things to know before seeing an attorney, pt. 1

An accident with a semi-truck is a bone-chilling prospect for any commuter. Unfortunately, the problems with trucks do not end with their overwhelming size. In fact, truck cases can be among the most complex to litigate. The operation of commercial trucks involves a complex web of business relationships from truck leaseholders, the driver, dispatcher, employer,… read more

Settling truck accident lawsuits

If you or a family member are ever injured in a truck accident, you will likely want to seek compensation to cover medical and other expenses. Your ultimate goal is to reach a settlement that generates an amount of recompense appropriate to your needs. Settlement is available throughout the entire legal process. You may settle… read more

What should I do to ensure compensation after a truck accident?

No one plans on getting hit by a truck. You’re driving along the FDR on your morning commute, minding your own business, when a semi-truck slams into the rear of your midsize sedan. Trucks represent a small but deadly portion of the 70,000 annual auto collisions in NYC. Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80 tons… read more

Your personal injury claim may cover time off work

Most drivers in New York know how important it is to be aware of trucks on the roads, especially as it is not always easy for these large vehicles to keep track of other road users. Trucks have large blind spots in which smaller vehicles like cars and motorcycles can be lost. If the truck… read more

Truck drivers must follow stricter safety guidelines

Every year in New York, accidents on the roads claim the lives of countless individuals, turning lives upside-down and tearing families apart. Many of these incidents occur as the result of the carelessness or recklessness of truck drivers, hurrying to finish a job or overly tired from too much driving. Unfortunately, it is often other,… read more

Truck driver arrested after fatal accident

In New York, the busy roads can often be dangerous. However, most road users are so familiar with the routes they use almost every day that they forget some of the risks. Unfortunately, a single unexpected event can cause widespread devastation and all this can arise from one small error made by anyone on the… read more

Many organizations can help you with your claim

The roads of New York see countless accidents every year, caused by every kind of vehicle. However, many of the more notable and devastating crashes are those involving trucks. This is largely because the sheer size and weight of these vehicles means that when one becomes involved in an accident, it tends to cause extensive… read more