Workers’ Compensation

How Much Is My Workers’ Comp Case Worth in NY?

Workers’ compensation is a workplace insurance program that you can use to compensate you for the economic consequences of most workplace accidents—medical expenses and lost earnings. It offers on-demand, weekly, and even lump sum benefits, depending on the circumstances.  The great advantage of workers’ compensation benefits is that you do not have to prove that… read more

Can You Be Disqualified From Receiving Workers’ Compensation in New York?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that can compensate you for lost earnings and medical expenses (among other losses) that arise from a work-related illness or injury. New York requires almost every employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Although the workers’ compensation system is generally no-fault, you can be disqualified from receiving benefits under… read more

The Difference Between Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury in New York

Both workers’ compensation law and personal injury law can provide compensation for people who suffer an injury. However, the terms of these two compensation systems are very different, however. Normally, you will qualify for one, but not the other. But it is sometimes possible to qualify for both. Compensation for Work-Related Injuries New York workers’… read more

What Does New York Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

New York Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers most employees in the state. State workers’ comp laws require that employers purchase and maintain workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. There are only a few limited exceptions to the law. What is Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance? If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, workers’ comp covers most… read more