Products Liability

Understanding the Mirena Crash and Its Impact on Countless Women

Millions of women rely on birth control methods for family planning. There are several types of birth control available in the United States, including intrauterine devices (IUDs). A popular IUD used by many women is the Mirena IUD. However, the Mirena IUD has been linked to a serious side effect known as the Mirena Crash…. read more

Potential compensation for those injured by Roundup exposure

For the many farmworkers, landscapers, groundskeepers, and gardeners who used the herbicide ‘Roundup’ on a long-term basis, there may be an elevated risk of developing certain cancers. The idea of beginning a lawsuit against a major agrochemical company is a daunting prospect for those people in modest lines of work. Despite this apprehension, there are… read more

How do products recalls work?

Many New Yorkers who tune in to the news or who pay careful attention while shopping may have noticed announcements that a product has been recalled. Others may have actually received notices about recalls involving the products they own and have had to return them either for a refund, a replacement, or a repair. The… read more

Traces of asbestos found in talcum powder sample

Back in November, pharmaceutical and personal care product company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) announced a voluntary recall of one lot of its baby powder. The company did so after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found “sub-trace” levels of the carcinogen asbestos during testing. According to J&J, when conducting tests, the agency found a single… read more

Ranitidine (Zantac) recalled due to cancer risk

Zantac is one of the most popular heartburn medications in the United States. Millions of people use it frequently. That’s all due to change, as recent tests have revealed a cancer risk and major drugstores have started pulling the products. Here is what you need to know. Findings in September This is all very new,… read more

Dangers of Electronic Smoking Devices

Compact electronic smoking devices, widely known as e-cigs or vapes, have been linked with property damage and personal injury after malfunctions have caused them to catch fire or explode. Vape pen devices malfunctioning have been the root of hundreds of injuries ranging from second and third degree burns to fatal explosions. These explosions have happened… read more

Taking action after your child was injured by a toy

When we buy new toys and gifts for our children, we expect them to be safe. Toys and equipment intended for use by children should have an indication of what age they are appropriate for. If your child is 4 and they were injured by a toy that was labeled as being suitable for children… read more

Can you seek damages in an elevator accident?

It’s difficult to imagine being stuck in an elevator. You’re on your way up to the office, and the elevator chugs to a stop. Maybe the lights flicker. Worse, they go out. You’re suspended by cables high above the ground, in a 36 x 48” box. You hit the buttons, but they don’t seem to… read more

Can an app be sued for product liability?

When we think of dangerous products, things like toys or appliances usually come to mind. However, a new lawsuit is aiming to add digital products into the mix. But how can something without a physical product be harmful? How apps can harm The app in question is dating app Grindr. A New York man claims… read more

What are the FDA’s recall categories?

News that you may be using a recalled product might immediately cause you to panic. The common school of thought amongst many in New York may be that products are only recalled if they are extremely dangerous. Thus, using one automatically puts you and your family in great danger, too. While this may be the… read more