Bus Accidents

Greyhound Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are more frequent than most people believe. According to research published by the United States Department of Transportation there are an estimated 11,000 roadway collisions involving private and public transportation buses in the United States resulting in more than 22,000 serious injuries and hundreds of deaths. Accidents involving Greyhound Bus Lines are the… read more

The dangers of double-decker tour buses

New York is a massive city with plenty of room for exploration. Not even longtime residents have taken the time to visit all of the city’s iconic locations in every borough. Thankfully, more tourists and locals can get the chance to do so now that the weather is perfect for double-decker bus tours. Having no… read more

Manhattan bus accident attributed to unusual distraction

Everyone can get distracted while driving, and commercial bus drivers are no exception. Distractions that safety experts most commonly talk about include texting or using a phone while driving, adjusting the radio, looking for something that has fallen off the seat, arguing with another passenger and looking at scenery. However, distractions are not limited to… read more

An increase in preventable accidents a concern for bus drivers

School bus drivers in New York have a pressing responsibility to protect the children they are in charge of getting to and from school each day. While each is required to undergo a background check and considerable training to guarantee that they understand their responsibilities, other motorists must also be paying attention to make sure… read more

Tips for staying safe around school buses

Earlier this month, there were six school bus accidents over the course of three days in various states around the nation. Of those accidents, one accident involved five children and two adults. All seven people suffered life-threatening injuries, and two of the children remain in the hospital. That same day in another state, a school… read more

What are the requirements for school bus drivers?

The most vulnerable passengers on New York roadways are children. This makes it especially important that the driver of a school bus has the proper training and abilities to drive a vehicle of this size and transport such important passengers. If you want to become a school bus driver in the state, there are very… read more

Hours-of-services rules for drivers transporting passengers

Most might view driver fatigue to be a problem that only traditional motorists in New York face, not those that drive for a living. After all, being behind the wheel is a commercial driver’s livelihood; why would he or she risk that by not being at his or her best (both mentally and physically) at… read more

New York’s school bus laws: what to know

As the incident of the Chattanooga school bus crash still lingers in the minds of concerned parents, New York’s school bus laws have come under close scrutiny. While most buses are inherently safer than, for instance, smaller vehicles, many residents worry over the regulations of specific school zones. Below are a few facts to know about… read more

Should all school buses require seat belts?

As the 2016 Chattanooga school bus crash still weighs heavily on the minds of American parents, many have asked whether school buses themselves should take stronger safety measures to protect their passengers. New York, along with other states, enforces special laws on its school buses. Nevertheless, many parents are concerned for the safety of their… read more

Are New York buses as safe as we think?

For those living in big cities such as New York, buses are an everyday part of life. City dwellers rely on these modes of transportation for various personal and business reasons, as oftentimes buses are ideal in highly congested areas where traffic creates delays. Unfortunately, these buses sometimes do not operate as planned. One bus… read more