Bus Accidents

Sleep apnea testing: a waste or a necessity?

Bus accidents, like any vehicle crash, are an inevitable part of driving in New York. Sometimes, simple mistakes can lead to catastrophic incidents, which can then result in injuries and even death. But what if those mistakes were due to inattention of the driver? A large number of bus accidents are due to sleep deprivation… read more

Distracted driving and school bus accidents

For decades, school buses have served as reliable modes of transportation for children going to and from school, sports and extracurricular events or daycare. In recent years, however, the high numbers of bus accidents have caused national concern. And just as drivers of regular motor vehicles can become distracted by a number of factors, school bus… read more

What are New York’s school bus seat belt laws?

Every day that you send your child off to school, you are entrusting his or her care to someone whom you may not know operating a vehicle that, by all outward appearances, requires special skills to drive. This lack of knowledge and control over your child’s well-being may seem unsettling. Knowing exactly what the safety… read more

Fatal school bus crashes and litigation strategy

You probably remember the multi-fatality school bus crash in Tennessee. Now the families are pursuing litigation for deaths and fatalities connected to the collision. The nature of dealing with multi-plaintiff suits are complicated, and it isn’t always clear who you can hold responsible for the accident. This post will go over how you investigate and… read more

Train crash in Brooklyn injures over 100 people

A train on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) failed to stop and crashed into a bumper barrier at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. More than 100 people were injured, however, luckily, there were no fatalities. The LIRR is a staple commuter train in New York. It connects New York suburbs with New York proper and… read more

New York is piloting new bus safety program

Earlier this year, Governor Cuomo announced the Metropolitan Transit Authority (“MTA”) is pioneering a new pilot program to roll out additional safety technologies to transit buses. The two new technologies include a pedestrian turn warning system and a collision avoidance system. The program is expected to roll out city-wide by the fourth quarter of 2016. The Governor… read more

US federal regulators propose new speed restrictions

Federal regulators from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) proposed a new rule that would require all new vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds be equipped with speed governors. A speed governor would automatically and forcibly prevent any vehicle so equipped from exceeding a pre-set… read more

Overview of School Bus Safety in New York

Everyone is familiar with the big yellow school bus. And perhaps your child boards one to make his or her trek to school. The buses are a staple on television to denote traditional school experiences. Unfortunately, school buses are not all fun memories and nostalgia. School buses are serious machines that must safely bring students… read more

Bus operators are common carriers

A common carrier is a company or entity that engages in the business of moving people or goods from one place to another for a fee. This definition covers a variety of companies including city buses, taxicabs, freight trains, aviation, ocean shipping and sometimes even amusement park rides. If you were injured while utilizing a… read more

No-fault insurance and bus accidents

We’ve all done it. The train is down for repairs at a station between your house and work, so you catch a bus connection to the next station. It’s standing room only so you can’t grab a seat. You look down to check your phone, and suddenly you are thrown to the floor. You hear whining wheels,… read more