Earlier this year, Governor Cuomo announced the Metropolitan Transit Authority (“MTA”) is pioneering a new pilot program to roll out additional safety technologies to transit buses. The two new technologies include a pedestrian turn warning system and a collision avoidance system. The program is expected to roll out city-wide by the fourth quarter of 2016. The Governor hopes to reach 1,600 buses by the mid-2018.

The pedestrian turn warning system operates automatically and independently of the driver. It is activated whenever the bus makes a right or left turn, which triggers an external audio alarm that alerts bicyclists and pedestrians that the bus is turning. The technology will be upgraded in 2017 to include a visual warning. The system only activates on the “turning” side of the bus to prevent confusion.

The collision avoidance system utilizes sensors to warn the driver when other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists are on the sides or in front of the bus. It uses visual and audio warnings to alert the driver. The pilot will include 100 buses, the first twenty of which will be outfitted by the end of 2016.

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