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One Killed, Three Seriously Injured in Manhattan Pedestrian Accident

According to a New York Daily News report, a Manhattan pedestrian accident on August 7, 2021, claimed one life and injured three other people.  Virginia Morales, a 36-year-old woman, was crossing the street at Audubon Avenue and W. 183rd Street in Washington Heights at about 9:40 p.m. A vehicle turning left onto W. 183rd Street… read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal in New York?

Riding a motorcycle always involves risks. Other motorists have steel frames to protect them inside their cars and trucks. Motorcyclists don’t. Their chances of serious or fatal injury in an accident are much greater than other motorists and passengers. Motorcyclists must exercise caution when riding in high-traffic areas like New York City. If you ride… read more

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Tiger in New York?

Pets can be wonderful companions who enrich our lives. However, it’s important to remember that some pets can cause injury. Additionally, some types of pets are more likely to cause injury than others. Accordingly, New York law prohibits residents from owning certain pets. For example, you may be wondering whether it is legal to own… read more

Are You Legally Required to Tell Someone if You Have an STD Like Herpes?

Herpes and other STDs can have a significant impact on your life. However, they can also impact the lives of your sexual partners. If you have an STD, you may wonder whether you’re required to let someone know about your condition. You don’t need to tell everyone about your STD. However, New York law requires… read more

Can I Sue After a Car Accident in NYC Even If I Don’t Get Hurt?

Have you been injured in a car accident in NYC? You may be entitled to file an injury claim for your medical bills and other losses. New York is a no-fault state. So, you would file a claim to collect from your own insurance first — even if someone else caused the accident. However, if… read more

NYC Car Accidents & Fatalities Up, Despite Vision Zero Efforts

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014. That year, Vision Zero became the official city policy. The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate all traffic deaths. The program initially showed positive results. Traffic deaths in New York fell by one-third in 2018. But since then, traffic deaths have trended upward. In… read more

What To Know About Car Accident Reports in New York City

Car accidents are often more likely to happen in high-traffic areas. Naturally, the more vehicles on the road, the greater the odds of an accident occurring. For example, car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents tend to be more common in New York City than in many other parts of New York State. There’s the… read more

What Happens to Your Body in a Rollover Accident?

During a rollover accident, your body may experience several types of trauma. The circumstances of the crash dictate what happens to your body as the vehicle rolls over.  A person may be thrown around the interior of a vehicle during a rollover accident. The impact from the collision could cause the seat belt to release,… read more

Elmiron Lawsuits Could Get to Trial as Early as 2023

Court documents indicate the lawsuits alleging injuries and harm caused by the interstitial cystitis drug Elmiron could go to trial as early as January 2023. Judge Brian R. Martinotti is overseeing about 240 federal Elmiron cases being handled through the District of New Jersey. In Case Management Order No. 9 filed in the District Court… read more

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for a New York City Car Accident Case?

The fees lawyers charge for a car accident case depend on a variety of factors. Understanding fee structures can help you choose the right personal injury attorney to handle your case. Hourly Fees vs. Contingency Fees for Car Accident Cases Attorneys generally charge an hourly fee or contingency fee when representing car accident victims. An… read more