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Parents named in wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of baby

While wrongful death lawsuits in New York are often filed by the executor or personal representative of one's estate, they are typically assumed to be filed on behalf of a decedent's family. This is often the case, as the potential financial compensation that can come from such action is often meant to benefit the family. Yet depending on the circumstances of a case, it may be possible that a decedent's family may not be beneficiaries of a wrongful death action, but rather the target of it. 

That is exactly what is happening with a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of a four-month-old baby girl in Virginia. The girl is suspected to have died of sudden infant death syndrome, yet the lawsuit alleges that several factors overlooked by the area's Social Services department placed her at risk. For starters, she was born addicted to drugs, which should have flagged her case as being "high risk." Rather, she was determined to be at a low risk and released to her parents. No further investigations of the case were done by child protective services officials until and external complaint was filed. An investigator was assigned, and it was noticed that the child was living in dirty conditions and that drugs were present at the home; local law enforcement officials even recommended that the parents be drug tested. No further action was taken, however, prior to the baby's death. 

#Metoo movement spurs NY to strengthen sexual harassment laws

In October, it will be two years since the #Metoo movement swept the country and led to a cultural reckoning. As a result, Harvey Weinstein now is facing charges sexual assault after multiple allegations, Bill O’Reilly lost his TV show after several sexual harassment complaints and Matt Lauer lost his longtime The Today Show job for inappropriate sexual behavior toward coworkers.

Yet, now, months and months later, lawmakers are strengthening New York’s sexual harassment protection laws, making them some of the toughest in the country. The bills, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promised to sign, also protect those working at the Capitol, after a group of former legislative staffers made it known they had experienced or reported sexual harassment in Albany years ago with little action to stop it.

Unlicensed driver causes accident in Staten Island

Every day, New York residents trust that their own well-cultivated driving skills will help them avoid accidents with other vehicles. While there certainly may be something to be said about the ability of defensive driving tactics to help avoid collisions, oftentimes people are left at the mercy of others' negligent actions. One cannot control whether another choose to drive recklessly; rather, they can only hope to not be in such a driver's general vicinity when any negligent action occurs. 

Sadly, a man and his two young passengers happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when they encountered a reckless driver on Hylan Blvd. in Staten Island. Witnesses say that a woman driving a Dodge Charger suddenly tried to make a right turn while traveling in the center lane. She ended up running into the man's vehicle (which was traveling in the right lane). The crash occurred right in front of a police station. The man and his passengers (two young girls) were rushed to a local hospital for treatment of what were reported to be serious injuries. 

Concussions on the rise at work

In the last few years, more and more news reports have detailed how prevalent concussions are sports, especially in football, even at the youth level. What hasn’t received as much attention is that employees are reporting more concussions at work, perhaps because they understand the symptoms better.

One Midwest workers’ compensation insurer noted that from 2012 to 2014, it saw a 48% increase in reported concussions that hampered workers from doing their jobs.

Tips for pedestrians navigating New York City streets

Residents of New York City are accustomed to walking its streets. In fact, less than half of all households even own a vehicle. But in a city of 8 million, drivers and pedestrians come in to contact far too often.

In fact, in the month of May, drivers injured 1,250 pedestrians, leaving seven dead. If you regularly navigate the streets of New York, here are a few tips to stay safe.

Options for medical errors involving technology

If you are like many people in New York, you are aware that advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming used in more areas of business and people's personal lives. The rapid pace at which these and other technologies are being implemented can feel staggering at times. When it comes to health care, AI and machine learning are being built into many programs that have a direct impact on patient care and outcomes.

Forbes explains that even as these technologies are being used more, there has yet to be a clearly defined set of regulations or governance over them created. With little to no legal precedence regarding any errors made that may involve AI or machine learning, it leaves a lot of questions about how a patient might seek compensation unanswered. 

Does it matter which helmet style I choose?

If you are interested in riding a motorized vehicle, the first step to take before practicing is purchasing a helmet. Study after study has shown that wearing a helmet saves lives.

However, did you know that it matters which helmet you use? Certain styles have higher safety ratings than others. However, some helmets can still offer sufficient coverage if they're paired with other safety accessories. Here's a few things to know when looking for what's right for you.

Does sexual harassment need to be physical?

Nobody deserves to feel uncomfortable at work. But some employees hold the misconception that inappropriate behaviors should be tolerated if they're not a physical threat.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can exist in multiple ways. It's important to know it when you see it, so we can put a stop to it.

20-year-old drunk driver kills three, injures more

The Memorial Day holiday is a time set aside for people in New York and across the nation to remember and honor those who have died in the act of serving the country. Unfortunately, for some people, it also becomes a time when their own personal grief sets in and leaves them with new people to remember. This happens when reckless people make selfish choices that endanger the lives of others.

A sad example of this can be seen in a fatal crash that happened in upstate New York not far from Buffalo this past weekend. According to NBC New York, a drunk driver who is only 20 years old and not even legally supposed to be drinking ran his pickup truck into a minivan carrying four adults and five children at the intersection of Maxon Road and Route 20A. The two oldest children were 14 and 10 and both remain in the hospital at this time. Two youngsters who are only four are also still hospitalized.


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