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How to File a Wrongful Death Claim in New York

Losing a loved one is devastating. But the loss can be even more overwhelming when that death could have been prevented. Wrongful death lawyers help families like your family seek justice when another party causes the death of a family member because of negligence or other wrongdoing. No amount of money can take away the… read more

Driving Without a License Versus Driving Without a License on Your Person in the State of New York

If you get pulled over for a traffic violation in New York, the first thing that the officer will ask for is your license. If you can’t produce a license, there could be serious consequences. Understanding the difference between driving without a license and simply not having your license on your person can help you… read more

What Happens If a Dog Bites Someone on Your Property in New York City?

Owning a dog comes with responsibility. As the dog’s owner, you could be held financially liable for damages caused when your dog bites or attacks someone. However, property owners could also be held liable if a dog bites someone on their property under premises liability laws. What Are the Dog Bite Laws in New York… read more

Do Backseat Passengers Have to Wear a Seat Belt in New York?

There was a time when a family trip to the beach meant five kids piled in the back, some sitting on each other’s laps. Today, that same trip would require a bigger car. The laws regarding seat belts in New York have tightened (no pun intended) over the decades. As of 2022, every occupant, regardless… read more

Who Are the Plaintiffs and Defendants in Personal Injury Cases?

Most personal injury cases in New York settle without filing a lawsuit. However, some cases cannot settle without court intervention. If your injury lawyer files a lawsuit, it helps to understand the parties involved and the role of each. Who is the Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? The plaintiff is the injured party. For… read more

Can I Sue My Employer After I Get Hurt on a New York Construction Site?

Construction work can be dangerous. Workers may be injured or killed due to on-the-job accidents or hazardous conditions.  Unfortunately, construction workers can rarely sue their employers after getting hurt on a New York construction site. However, the employee might have a third-party claim that could result in additional compensation for damages. A third-party claim can… read more

The Difference Between Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury in New York

Both workers’ compensation law and personal injury law can provide compensation for people who suffer an injury. However, the terms of these two compensation systems are very different, however. Normally, you will qualify for one, but not the other. But it is sometimes possible to qualify for both. Compensation for Work-Related Injuries New York workers’… read more

How to Write a Settlement Demand Letter

Attorneys use settlement demand letters to begin the negotiation process in personal injury cases.  An attorney uses settlement demand letters in all types of personal injury cases, including: Car accidents Product liability claims Medical malpractice Slip and fall accidents (premises liability claims) Construction accidents Motorcycle accidents Wrongful death claims Writing an effective settlement demand letter… read more

What Is a Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury?

Brain injuries can happen in a variety of ways. Each manner of injury can affect symptoms and prognosis differently. A mild brain injury, such as a mild concussion, can still produce severe symptoms. Mild injuries rarely cause death and often clear up on their own over the course of a few months. However, severe brain… read more

Basic Manhattan Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

One of the most common personal injury questions we receive is, “How much is my personal injury claim worth?” However, most people actually want to know how much money they will put in their pocket from a personal injury settlement.  Several factors impact how much money you can receive from a personal injury settlement. Continue… read more