Car Accidents

What Happens if a Leased Car Is Totaled in a New York City Car Accident?

Many people choose to lease vehicles instead of purchasing their cars. Leased vehicles have several advantages. However, because you do not own the vehicle, what happens if a leased car is totaled in a New York City accident? How Do Leased Cars Work? Leasing a vehicle is similar to renting a vehicle. However, the lease… read more

How Much Money Can a Passenger in a Car Accident in NYC Receive?

Passengers in a car accident in NYC can absolutely recover damages for their injuries. You will most likely have to start with insurance claims but can then pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault party if necessary. What amount of money can you receive from a car accident? There is technically no limit under New York… read more

What Should You Do if You Are Hit While Driving Someone Else’s Car in New York City?

Sometimes we borrow someone’s car because our vehicle is not available. But what happens if you are in an accident while driving someone else’s car in New York City? Do you know what to do to protect yourself and your right to recover compensation for damages? Report the Car Accident To the Police First things… read more

How Serious Does a Collision Have to Be for Airbags to Deploy?

Almost all modern passenger vehicles come equipped with certain safety features. These mechanisms serve to protect drivers and passengers.  Some of the most common safety features include seat belts, brake assist, blind-spot mirrors, and adaptive cruise control. Airbags are one of the most protective safety mechanisms in any car or truck.   When a crash happens,… read more

Will My Insurance Cover Physical Therapy After a Car Accident in New York?

A car accident in New York can result in numerous injuries. A victim may sustain back and neck injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries. They may require surgeries and other medical treatments for their injuries.  Many car accident victims undergo physical therapy as part of their treatment plan. Unfortunately, physical therapy can be expensive…. read more

What Happens If My Uber is in an Accident in New York?

Uber and other rideshare companies are popular in New York. Rideshare companies like Uber offer cost-effective, convenient transportation as an alternative to other forms of public transportation. However, what happens if your Uber crashes in New York City? Knowing what happens if your Uber driver crashes is crucial for understanding who is responsible for compensating… read more

Tips on Staying Safe When Taking an Uber or Lyft in NYC

Even though millions of people use Uber or Lyft in New York, the two most popular ridesharing services, people still worry about whether these taxi alternatives are safe.  Though tens of millions of successful rides are completed by Uber and Lyft drivers each year, it quickly makes the news when someone gets hurt. According to… read more

Do Backseat Passengers Have to Wear a Seat Belt in New York?

There was a time when a family trip to the beach meant five kids piled in the back, some sitting on each other’s laps. Today, that same trip would require a bigger car. The laws regarding seat belts in New York have tightened (no pun intended) over the decades. As of 2022, every occupant, regardless… read more

What Happens if YOU Are Sued After Causing a Collision in Manhattan?

If you are involved in a car accident in Manhattan, even if you are not at fault, you may be sued. In this blog post, we will discuss what happens if you are sued and what steps you can take to protect yourself.  If you are sued after causing a collision in Manhattan, try to… read more

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance in New York City

New York requires all vehicle owners to carry auto insurance. Your minimum coverage must include personal injury protection (PIP), bodily injury liability (BIL), and property damage liability. When you get into a car accident, PIP pays your reasonable and necessary medical bills under New York’s no-fault insurance system. But if you suffer a serious injury,… read more