Car Accidents

Car Accidents Caused By Brake Checking In New York

New York City is a densely populated city with thousands of cars on its streets daily. This density of traffic can lead to a great deal of traffic accidents, including those caused by brake checking. Brake checking is a dangerous practice that can lead to severe injuries.  Understanding the practice of brake checking and the… read more

Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO REVEALED

Have you ever found yourself in a car crash? If so, you’re likely familiar with GEICO. That’s right, the insurance company with those quirky commercials featuring the gecko and cavemen. They’re known for offering savings on car insurance, but there’s another side to them regarding accidents and claims. There are some things GEICO might not… read more

Right-of-Way Laws in New York

Like any other state in the country, New York has its own particular set of statutes that govern the ownership and operation of motor vehicles within its jurisdiction.  These statutes, collectively known as the state’s Vehicle and Traffic laws, are sometimes informally referred to as New York’s “rules of the road.” Many of these rules… read more

How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Police Report in Brooklyn?

Most car accidents in NYC must be reported to the DMV and/or the police. Even if your car crash does not meet the requirements, you must remain at the accident scene and exchange information with the other driver involved in the crash. Promptly reporting a car accident is generally in your best interest because you… read more

If I Am Hit by an Uber Driver in NYC, Whom Can I Sue?

No one expects to be injured in an accident – let alone while walking down the street or sidewalk. Unfortunately, pedestrian-involved automobile accidents happen all too often, and the resulting injuries can be devastating. Being involved in any kind of auto accident can have serious physical, mental, and financial consequences that last for years afterward… read more

How Long Should I Wait Before Going to a Chiropractor After a Car Accident in NYC?

Seeing a chiropractor shortly after a car accident in NYC can help to alleviate symptoms of injuries quickly after a car crash. Chiropractic care can also prevent car accident injuries from developing into a more serious medical condition. However, you should always check in with a medical doctor first after an NYC accident — especially… read more

Safest Electric Cars To Drive in 2023

Before any electric vehicle can hit showrooms, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tests and analyzes these cars. Currently, the Vehicle Research and Test Center performs many safety studies to help rule out defects, security issues, and other hazards that could endanger occupants and other motorists. Both electric and gasoline-powered vehicles are assigned an… read more

Will You Go To Jail After a Fatal Car Accident in NYC?

Sadly, fatal car accidents are common occurrences in New York City. It’s an unfortunate experience for everyone involved, and it often brings up questions concerning criminal penalties. The law can be complex and intimidating regarding fatal car accidents in NYC. You may be wondering if you will go to jail and what other consequences you… read more

The Effects of Airbag Deployment in Your NYC Car Accident Claim

Airbags undoubtedly have helped save many lives since they were invented. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that airbags have saved over 50,000 lives since they were invented. For this reason, front-end airbags are standard in passenger vehicles. Many models also feature side airbags.  However, some situations interfere with how effective airbags… read more

The Dangers of Driving with Loud Music Around New York

Music may be your favorite driving buddy, whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or just hitting your daily commute. It makes traffic seem more bearable, makes the time go faster, and gives you the little bit of jam you need in your day. And what’s more fun than cranking the tunes up and rocking… read more