Car Accidents

Does optimism bias lead to distracted driving?

A lot of things lead to distracted driving. Some people struggle with phone addiction, for instance, so they feel like they cannot put the phone down behind the wheel. Others run late for everything they do, so they often find themselves eating or drinking behind the wheel as they attempt to get back on schedule…. read more

One day, one driver, two drunk driving arrests

Residents in New York State may often hear reports about how strict the state’s laws on drunk driving are. Most people are generally pleased to hear these reports as they provide a feeling of safety and security. Other people may wonder whether or not the laws are actually strict enough, knowing that there are many… read more

Are you ready to share the road with e-scooters?

The rules of the road are always changing, but many New Yorkers may get caught off-guard by a law that may soon affect their safety on the streets. Both chambers of the legislature have passed a law that allows for rental e-scooters on New York streets, except for in Manhattan. The bill has not yet… read more

Autonomous vehicles and levels of automation

Some residents in New York may be very excited to see the development of self-driving cars. Other people may be a bit concerned about ceding control of driving to a computer. Regardless of their feelings on the topic, these vehicles are the future and it is important to understand what is really meant when the… read more

Why August is a deadly drunk driving month

It’s no secret that the summer months are some of the most dangerous times to be a motorist in New York with the amount of reckless drivers everywhere. If you look at most reports, July and August often have the highest DUI fatality rates out of any month. According to the NHTSA, August had the… read more

Older drivers more distracted by technology in cars

Distracted driving has become a serious issue. As technology gets better, smartphones and media devices distract more and more drivers. But the technology installed into a car can distract as well. A new study finds that entertainment systems built into cars cause distracted driving, especially for older drivers. The study was done by the American… read more

Unlicensed driver causes accident in Staten Island

Every day, New York residents trust that their own well-cultivated driving skills will help them avoid accidents with other vehicles. While there certainly may be something to be said about the ability of defensive driving tactics to help avoid collisions, oftentimes people are left at the mercy of others’ negligent actions. One cannot control whether… read more

20-year-old drunk driver kills three, injures more

The Memorial Day holiday is a time set aside for people in New York and across the nation to remember and honor those who have died in the act of serving the country. Unfortunately, for some people, it also becomes a time when their own personal grief sets in and leaves them with new people… read more

New York Assembly considering lowering DWI limit to .05

For many years, New York State law has set the blood-alcohol limit for driving at .08 percent. In fact, this has been the BAL limit for drinking and driving in every U.S. state for quite a while. However, drunk driving accidents continue to pose a serious danger in New York – and the driver is… read more

You’re injured in an Uber crash. What now?

Uber and other ride-hailing apps have revolutionized the way people get around. No longer are traditional taxis the only way to get rides around town. But when you get into a car with a stranger, how much do you really trust that person with your safety? With the dawn of new forms of transportation also… read more