Car Accidents

New app aims to prevent distracted driving

Commuting to and from work is just part of the daily routine for many workers in New York, especially for those who hold more than one job. While some commuters will take the subway or a taxi, others will choose to drive themselves to and from work. Motorists in a rush may try to multi-task… read more

Overview of no-fault and uninsured motorists coverage

Like other states, New York has unique laws about automobile insurance. It is important for those injured in motor vehicle accidents to understand a bit about these laws, as they can turn out to be an injured victim’s best route for getting compensation after a motor vehicle accident. These laws are especially important in cases… read more

Tow truck driver: Assemblyman tried to blame DUI crash on wife

New York State Assemblyman Brian Kolb recently wrote an op-ed urging drivers to stay sober and safe over the holidays. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old Assembly minority leader ignored his own advice. According to news reports, Kolb blamed his wife when his state-owned vehicle wound up in a ditch on New Year’s Eve. After police arrived on… read more

Winter driving in New York City can be dangerous

Driving in New York City at any time of the year is no easy task. However, when you hit the road in inclement weather, you’ll find it even more challenging to maintain your safety. Despite the many dangers lurking, here are some tips you can follow to avoid trouble when driving this winter: Prepare your… read more

How New York drivers can avoid crashes in winter

In New York and some other states, the number of auto accidents inevitably goes up during the winter. Car tires lose traction on roads that are wet, icy or snowy, and sudden maneuvers can cause the cars to skid or slide around. For this reason, drivers should try to limit their excursions to those that… read more

Driving very slowly can cause car accidents, too

When you hear about the connection between vehicle speed and car accidents, it almost always focuses on drivers who break the speed limit. This is dangerous, as common as it is. Speeding can cause accidents, it increases the severity of injuries in those accidents and it makes it harder for people to control their cars…. read more

Accidental gunshot kills officer in Rochester crash

Most in New York likely have a very clear idea of who is responsible for covering one injury expenses in most situations. In the case of a work-related injury, an employer’s workers’ compensation plan provider should cover it. When a car accident occurs, people rely on financial assistance from their auto insurance companies. Yet what… read more

Dram shop liability in New York

You take to New York’s streets in your vehicle every day knowing that the potential of you being involved in a car accident exists. Knowing this, however, does not make it any less frustrating if and when you actually are. Your frustrations may boil over if you later discover that the person who caused your… read more

The age of most drunk drivers

In theory, drunk driving ages are controlled, in that people under 21 years old cannot drink. In practice, of course, people who are underage do wind up breaking this law, so you do have drunk drivers — who are also breaking the law by driving under the influence — of all ages. Even so, you… read more

New York ranks as one of the worst cities for drivers

You recently moved to Manhattan to start a new job. You have always owned a car and commuted to work, and so you assume that you will do the same thing in New York. You know that it’s a big city and that a lot of people use public transportation, but you like the freedom… read more