Slip and Fall Accidents

What Are the Most Common Slip and Fall Injuries in NYC?

New York City is a city that has almost everything. You can find food from nearly every country in the world, vehicles ranging from 60-year-old VW bugs to the most recent Lamborghini, and buildings that date back to before the country existed. Amongst all those amazing charms, you will also find some very unpleasant things…. read more

Are Slip and Fall Injuries Covered by Homeowners Insurance in New York?

A slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere, including in a private home. Your neighbor might bear premises liability if you suffer a slip and fall accident due to a dangerous condition in their home. You might be reluctant to file a claim against your neighbor if it means they will pay you compensation out of their… read more

What Happens If I Slip and Fall at a City Park in NYC?

In modern life, people are constantly on the go, moving from place to place. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. What happens when you slip and fall and injure yourself? If it is someone else’s fault, you can pursue compensation from the party that caused the injury.  What happens if you get injured in… read more

I Slipped and Fell at Work in NYC – What Should I Do?

One of the leading causes of injury at work is slipping and falling. If you recently slipped and fell at work, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered. However, recovering that compensation largely depends on following certain steps to protect your legal rights. Report the Accident The ability for you to… read more

Can I Sue if I Fall on a Sidewalk in New York City?

Were you recently injured in a fall on a NYC sidewalk? If someone else caused you to fall, then you might be able to sue to collect compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Accidents involving slips, trips, and falls on New York’s city sidewalks are a common cause of injuries…. read more

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in New York City

Falls lead to about 8 million emergency room visits in the U.S. every year. Similarly, falls are the leading cause of accidental injury and death for New York residents over 45 years old. Falls occur in two ways — falls from a height and falls on the same elevation. Falls from a height, such as… read more

The Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents

Injuries that occur on someone else’s property can fall under an area of personal injury law called premises liability. Under this area of law, a person or business responsible for the property may be liable for your damages, depending on the circumstances under which the injury occurred. Slip and fall injuries are sometimes used as… read more