Construction Accidents

How To Find The Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer? 

Were you recently injured in a construction accident in New York City? If you were, you may want to hire a construction accident attorney but don’t know where to start. Here are some practical steps for finding a knowledgeable New York City construction accident attorney. Searching the Internet The internet is a great tool for… read more

Who Is Liable in a Construction Accident in NYC?

Construction sites are a regular occurrence in New York City. While each is a sign of growth, it is also a potential sign of serious risks. Each year, accidents lead to injuries or even fatalities. In fact, twenty-four construction workers died on the job in New York City alone in 2022. Determining liability after a… read more

What To Do if You Are Injured on a Construction Site in New York, NY

Construction sites dot the New York City landscape. While they are vital to urban development, they also pose risks to workers and pedestrians. For example, injuries from falls or burns are common. You may wonder what to do if you are injured on a construction site in New York, NY. Fortunately, the construction accident attorneys… read more

Why Should I Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer in New York? 

There are often construction projects and renovations taking place in New York. This can lead to hazardous conditions for workers, resulting in construction accidents.   The following are examples of construction accidents: If you are injured on a construction site, you should contact an experienced New York construction accident lawyer for assistance. We explain why below. … read more

Union vs. Non-Union Construction Worker Injuries

Construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Construction accidents account for thousands of injuries and deaths each year. However, is there a difference in the dangers workers face between union vs. non-union construction sites? What Is a Union? A labor union is a group of employees who join together… read more

Are NYC Construction Accidents Dropping?

Construction accidents are a relatively common occurrence in New York City. This shouldn’t be surprising in a city with more than a million buildings, many of which are over 100 years old. Both new construction and renovations are common in the city, and there are thousands of active construction sites every year. When there are… read more

What Are the Most Dangerous Tools and Equipment on Construction Sites?

Almost every aspect of the job of a construction worker is dangerous, from the job site itself to the equipment and tools in use. In fact, construction workers suffer more fatal workplace accidents than employees of any other occupation.  Of course, some tools and equipment are more dangerous than others at a construction site. Accidents… read more

What Are the Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents in New York?

Construction accidents, such as falling object injuries, account for many workplace accidents in the U.S. The workers’ compensation system provides benefits for most (but not all) claims arising from construction accidents.  The following six causes account for most construction site injuries.  Falls on Construction Sites According to New York’s Construction Industry Fatality Registry, falls are… read more

Why Should I Hire a Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer?

Construction workers in New York have the opportunity to earn a significant income. This is partly because New York City is constantly hosting new construction projects and renovations.  The average New York construction worker earns approximately $87,000 a year. While construction work offers many advantages, money-making potential being chief among them, it’s not without hazards.  … read more

Can I Sue My Employer for Violating OSHA at a Construction Site in NYC?

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces workplace safety regulations. So, can you sue your employer for an OSHA violation if it caused you injury? The bad news is that you generally cannot. The good news is that you might not need to since New York workers’ compensation will probably cover your claim…. read more