Premises Liability

Are You Liable If Someone Gets Hurt While Working on Your Property in New York?

You assume that when you hire a contractor to work on your property, you are not liable if the contractor or their employees are injured. While this might be true in some situations, you could find out too late that you are liable for damages if you exercised control over the project. Therefore, before you… read more

An Honest Evaluation of a New York City Slip and Fall Case

When you meet with an injury lawyer, you will have the chance to tell your story about your injuries. After listening to how your accident happened, the lawyer will evaluate your case. Slip and fall accidents can present complex legal and factual issues. Merely proving the existence of the hazard that caused your slip will… read more

Falls at the Grocery Store: What Victims Should Know

Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere, even in seemingly safe locations like grocery stores. From broken food containers that leave slick substances on floors to damp aisles from rain-soaked customers and workers, a variety of different events can result in unsafe conditions in New York markets and grocery centers. When a person is injured… read more

Are hotels responsible for assaults on their property?

It’s not a surprise that millions of people visit New York City every year. Some come because the City has a lot of wonderful tourist attractions and fun things to do. New York City is also one of the world’s major hubs for business and government, so many people travel here on business errands. Many… read more

If we cannot fall well: Premises liability in New York

Even though the chances are higher during the winter months, slip and fall injuries can happen in any season. Even though humans can be incredibly durable, we can also be extremely susceptible to injuries caused by sudden impacts and falls. Because of the high potential for significant injury, slip and fall injuries should always be… read more

Scaffold Collapse in the Bronx

Heavy snow and ice caused a scaffold to collapse on top of three cars in Olinville. It happened at the Parkside Houses on Adee Avenue on Wednesday. Residents say the scaffold has been up for five years to protect people from loose bricks that fall from the building.  Contact Our Premises Liability Law Firm in… read more

Young girl sustains serious injuries in escalator accident

Many Manhattan residents may love to go to shopping malls. They can be great places to unwind and enjoy a day out. However, even a seemingly safe trip to the mall can result in an accident. A slip-and-fall accident is one of the most common occurrences inside a mall, causing serious injuries among shoppers. Mall… read more

New Yorkers’ guide to finding reasonable nursing homes

Most residents of Manhattan, New York, spend a large portion of their lives working to earn for future needs. A part of these earnings is often set aside for nursing home plans so that when the person retires they can live comfortably in pleasant surroundings and be well taken care of. Because of this, many… read more

Couple files premises liability suit against hotel

Business establishments in New York are responsible for the safety and well-being of their patrons. In hotels, clubs or restaurants, customers should be free of any situation that may result in danger. Unfortunately, some business establishments fail to carry out their obligations as numerous incidents of premises liability have occurred in Manhattan and nearby areas…. read more

Slip and falls in places of worship

New Yorkers have all heard about injuries resulting from people slipping on ice. For many of people, the fear of falling on ice causes them to be more cautious when they walk on the sidewalks in the winter. Less commonly, people may hear about slip and falls that occur in places of worship. Recently, there… read more