Defective Medical Devices

Cook Medical Flexor Introducers Injury Lawyers in New York

Have you or a member of your family been injured as a result of malfunctioning Cook Medical Flexor Check-Flo Introducers or Cook Medical Flexor Tuohy-Borst Side-Arm Introducers? Many people in New York and across the nation utilize these catheters have received the news of its recall and have experienced the devastating dangers, as well. You are… read more


Have you or a member of your family been injured and/or passed away as a result of a malfunctioning Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex? Many people in New York and across the nation utilize this catheter have received the news of its recall and have experienced the devastating dangers, as well. You are not alone, and… read more

Vaginal mesh has caused serious complications for women

Until recently, a product commonly referred to as vaginal mesh was a popular treatment for certain medical problems prevalent in women. Until the federal Food and Drug Administration ordered manufacturers to stop selling the product in the United States last year, doctors frequently used vaginal mesh to treat certain types of incontinence in women. They… read more

Hernia Mesh-Defective Medical Device

Hernia mesh is a surgical implant, often made of a synthetic plastic called polypropylene, that reinforces torn or damaged tissue around hernias and strengthens it as it heals. Hernia mesh is used in about 90% of hernia repair surgeries in the United States. Hernia mesh products include patches that are designed to go over or… read more

Defective Medical Devices-Do you Qualify for a Hernia Mesh Claim

Have you had a hernia surgery repaired with hernia mesh? Have you undergone or scheduled a hernia revision surgery? You may be eligible to join thousands of other patients in filing a legal claim. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are over one million hernia repairs a year – most often… read more

Recent study shows dangers of spinal cord stimulators

Out of all the potential devastating injuries you can receive, few can impair movement quite as much as a spinal cord injury. Whether you receive it from a car crash, fall or heavy object hitting your back, it can be difficult to find work or function normally after the initial incident. Thankfully, medical scientists have… read more

Bayer says it will no longer sell Essure birth control implants

Following the continuous efforts by health advocates and thousands of women, Bayer announced that it will no longer sell its Essure birth control implant by the end of the year. The permanent birth control method resembles the spring of a ballpoint pen and does not require an incision or invasive surgery. The company says the… read more

What is a medical device recall and what does that mean for you?

Medical devices are wonderful tools that can improve the health and well-being of a New York patient. However, there are sometimes problems with these devices, and often, people do not know about a problem until they are already using the device or after implantation. When there is an issue, there is typically a medical device… read more

Defective Medical Devices: FDA Warning on IVC Filters

The FDA issued its warning on the dangers against long-term IVC Filter use in 2010. Soon after the alert was issued revealing the dangers of these defective medical devices, a decrease in the use of IVC Filters was recorded. However, this proved to be too little, too late for some patients already implanted with the… read more

Defective Medical Devices-Use of IVC Filters in Trauma Patients

The IVC Filter is a product aimed at preventing blood clots in those patients who are at risk. Many physicians implant these Filters in trauma patients as well as those susceptible to DVTs or blood clots, however a new study shows that the success of these IVC Filters are questionable at best.  These cage-like devices… read more