Until recently, a product commonly referred to as vaginal mesh was a popular treatment for certain medical problems prevalent in women.

Until the federal Food and Drug Administration ordered manufacturers to stop selling the product in the United States last year, doctors frequently used vaginal mesh to treat certain types of incontinence in women.

They also used mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse, a condition in which certain organs move out of place and into a woman’s vaginal canal.

The idea behind the mesh was to reinforce a woman’s organs in order to prevent the underlying condition or, at least, reduce its impact.

Unfortunately, as time went on, women started to complain of more and more complications with the product. If the mesh came lose or started to protrude, then a woman could experience pain and irritation.

In some cases, doctors also associated vaginal bleeding and infections with the mesh.

While not always necessary, in many cases, women had to undergo painful corrective surgery and other treatments to correct their issues. These issues would not have developed had the drug manufacturers properly designed the mesh product in the first place.

Over the recent years, many manufacturers of these vaginal mesh products have faced multiple lawsuits and have had to pay out millions to victims.

This result is only fair considering that their products, from which they earned profits, turned out to negatively affect the lives of lots of women.

Those who manufacture drugs, or, as in this case, medical devices, have an obligation to society to make sure that their products are safe. If a manufacturer introduces a defective drug or device to the market, those New Yorkers who get injured as a result may have legal options available to them.

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