Car Accidents

Why you should take your time at the accident scene

After being involved in a car crash, you or your passengers could suffer injuries that call for immediate medical attention. However, if you or a friend is able to stick around the accident scene to gather information, it could pay off in the long run. Take photographs of the big picture While you may not want to… read more

What NOT to say after a car accident

Car accidents are unexpected and disorienting, but it’s important to pay attention to your conduct after one happens. If you are involved in an accident, remember not to say these three things. “Sorry” For some people, it’s instinctual to apologize whenever something doesn’t go exactly as expected. These are the people who say, “Sorry!” when… read more

The hidden costs of an accident

Sometimes, people who are injured in an accident feel reluctant to take the matter to court. You may feel bad for the person at fault for the incident or you may simply want to put the traumatic experience in the past as soon as possible. But, choosing not to seek compensation could be more expensive… read more

Rubbernecking is a bigger problem than we think

Driving around New York City, there’s a lot to take in. Buses, taxis and lost tourists create some major traffic problems, but the biggest offenders are accidents. Or more specifically, the drivers staring at an accident. One of the most infuriating parts of traffic congestion is that most of it is preventable. Rubbernecking is a serious… read more

Are driver assist features really safe?

If you are like most people in New York, you have no doubt seen ads for new cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles that tout the inclusion of advanced safety features. Many of these features rely on technologies that in some way shape or form take over some of the responsibility of driving from the… read more

Teens with teen passengers at risk of distracted driving

When a teenager gets their driver’s license, they want to share their newfound road freedom with others. They might want one of their friends in with them to start carpooling to school together or to show off their car and new driving skills. However, in a teenager’s first year of driving, they must take all… read more

Ways limo drivers can get distracted

Limousine service safety regulations are continuing to come under fire weeks after the tragic crash in Schoharie that killed 20 people. The public is re-examining the safety protocols of limo drivers as they continue to question what led to the disastrous road incident. One of the topics that has come up is the issue of… read more

Issues that can arise with blind spot monitors

In a city like New York, drivers need to be on constant alert from every angle of their car to avoid any traffic accidents. Unfortunately, some cars contain massive interior blind spots that could leave drivers vulnerable if a nearby vehicle is within the area the spot covers up. Thankfully, vehicle companies have been installing… read more

Subtle methods to help your teen drive safely

As a parent in New York, it can be terrifying once your teenager is ready to drive on the streets by themselves. Even though the state has made more enforcements on distracted and drunk driving within the last decade, you still do not have full control over what your child does behind the wheel in… read more

Delivery cyclists: one of the most dangerous jobs in NYC

Delivering meals on a bike through the streets of New York City is not an easy job. It is probably even harder and more dangerous than you think. Every day, they may fight traffic, bad weather, irate pedestrians and uncooperative doormen. And, they run the risk of being severely injured or killed by the motor… read more