Car Accidents

Make your vision a priority when driving at night

You may be someone who drives at all hours of the day and night. Maybe you work late hours that have you traveling home after dark, or maybe you are simply a night owl who prefers late nights out to early mornings. Whatever the case, you may want to make sure that you take extra… read more

Negligent entrustment explained

So you have been involved in a car accident with a reckless driver in Manhattan, and you are now learning that not only does he or she not have auto insurance, but that the vehicle he or she was driving belonged to someone else anyway. This scenario is that same that many of those that… read more

Are you an aggressive driver?

People can express aggressive behaviors in many different ways. When people think of aggressive drivers, images of red-faced individuals filled with road rage may pop into their heads. However, there are many forms of aggressive driving, and you may carry out some of those actions yourself. Road rage and aggressive acts can easily lead to… read more

How a New York judge may calculate car accident damages

When a New York driver is negligent and it causes you injury, there’s no reason you should bear the full brunt of the expenses associated with the incident. Let’s say you were driving to your child’s sporting event and another vehicle veered across the yellow line, smashing into the side of your car. There was… read more

What Should I Do If I’m Involved in a Car Accident?

Even the most careful Manhattan drivers may find themselves involved in car accidents. If this happens to you, it’s essential that you know how to handle the situation to ensure you and the other people involved remain safe. Your actions are also important if you choose to file a personal injury claim, which can result… read more

Fewer pedestrians died in the Big Apple in 2017

The streets of New York City often fill with pedestrians. Tourists, residents and those who commute into the city for work flood into the city every day. With the sheer number of people walking the city’s streets, it may surprise you to know that the number of pedestrians dying in traffic accidents has dropped significantly… read more

Following safe riding procedures could help prevent a disaster

Much like many other avid bikers in New York, you may have placed your motorcycle in the garage throughout the winter months. However, with warmer temperatures just around the corner, perhaps you are eager to break out your bike as soon as the weather permits. While you could be excited about the prospect of taking… read more

Drowsy driving daydreams can quickly turn into a nightmare

For all its many benefits, the fast-pace of life in New York can be stressful and downright exhausting. There are going to be sleepless nights and early mornings that inevitably leave you yawning and groggy throughout the day. One thing you may want to think twice about, though, is climbing behind the wheel when you’re… read more

Traffic tips for safe spring break driving

Spring break is right around the corner, and with children having time off from school, many families choose to take advantage of the break to go on vacations. It is also a time when many young people, who may be inexperienced drivers, take to the road for long hauls to destinations like Florida and other… read more

Woman with MS struck by impaired driver

New York residents who must use wheelchairs when getting around the city may understandably feel a sense of vulnerability when near cars, trucks or other vehicles as they may be limited in their ability to avoid being hit more so than a person on foot might be. Every pedestrian whether on foot or on wheels… read more