On Jan 4, 2024 around 3:00 p.m. ET, two subway trains collided at a Manhattan station. The Upper West Side collision caused a minor derailment and injured more than 25 people. The derailed commuter train was carrying around 300 passengers, all of whom were evacuated. 

The second train was an out-of-service train that had recently been vandalized by unidentified individuals who had pulled its emergency cords. Four workers were resetting the emergency cords when the train started moving and collided with the passing in-service commuter train.

The subway accident resulted in major service disruptions for evening commuters. Authorities are investigating the cause of the collision.

How Common are Subway Accidents in New York?

There were 1,365 known subway accidents in 2022. These accidents, which all involved “track trespassing,” resulted in 88 fatalities. Around 15% of these incidents involved falls or medical emergencies. Fatalities and serious injuries from collisions are uncommon in NYC and nationwide. Out of the 954 railroad deaths across the U.S. in 2022, only seven involved passenger fatalities. 

Derailments in the NYC subway system are rare. However, they are common across the nation. In 2022, there were over 1,160 train derailments across the U.S. That’s around three train derailments per day. Fortunately, these derailments are usually minor. In 2022, derailment incidents injured only sixteen people and killed only one person. 

What Injuries Do Subway Accidents Cause?

Subway accidents can cause a range of injuries, from bumps and bruises to catastrophic and fatal injuries. 

Subway accidents can result in the following injuries:

The severity and nature of such injuries usually depend on the type of accident (collision, slip and fall, etc). 

You Have Rights If You Were Injured in a Subway Collision

Human error is the most common reason for train derailments and collisions. Track defects are another common cause of train accidents. Whatever the cause, you may have legal rights if you were injured in a subway/train accident. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and damages from the New York City Transportation Authority and/or the Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

If your claim is successful, you could recover compensation for the following losses:

The best way to determine if you have a subway/train accident claim is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Rosenbaum Personal Injury Lawyers offers free consultations to help you learn about your legal options. 

You Have Limited Time to File a Subway Accident Claim

Like all personal injury claims, subway accident claims are subject to statutes of limitation. You won’t have unlimited time to file your claim. NYC’s general limitations period is three years. However, cases involving government entities like the NYCTA and MTA are usually subject to shorter deadlines. 

If you intend to file a claim against the NYCTA or MTA, you will have to file a notice of claim within 90 days of your subway accident. This puts the city on notice of its potential liability for your claim.

.The notice contains basic information, including:

  • Your name
  • your attorney’s name
  • The location of the accident
  • A basic description of the accident 
  • An explanation of your injuries and losses

After you file your notice, you will have one year and 90 days from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the transit authority. Don’t miss out on compensation due to a technicality. A personal injury lawyer can help you identify and comply with all the deadlines in your case.

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyer if you’ve been Hurt in a Subway Accident in New York City

You should act quickly if you’ve been injured in a subway accident. If you fail to file your claim within the time limits, you may lose out on compensation. Likewise, if you don’t have access to quality legal representation, you may not get the result you want.

Rosenbaum Personal Injury Lawyers is a premier personal injury firm in New York. We’ve recovered tens of millions for injured clients. We have extensive experience handling all types of injury claims, including train/subway accidents. We would be proud to put our experience and reputation behind your claim.

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