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Memory Loss After a Concussion

When someone sustains a concussion, it is typically because a forceful jolt or blow to the head has caused their brain to hit the interior of their skull. This type of impact often results in bruising, which in turn causes the injured party to display a varying set of symptoms. Unfortunately, the symptoms of a… read more

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a legal right to compensation arising from an injury to a person. Typically, this injury is caused by misconduct such as negligence or intentional misconduct.  In some cases, however, the victim of the injury does not need to prove misconduct to win. In other cases, the party responsible for the… read more

New York Marijuana Laws — What You Need to Know

Whether you enjoy marijuana in a recreational setting or require it to treat a medical condition, New York is one of a handful of suitable states to live in. On March 31, 2021, the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act legalized the adult use of cannabis throughout the state. However, just because marijuana is now legal… read more

Are NYC Construction Accidents Dropping?

Construction accidents are a relatively common occurrence in New York City. This shouldn’t be surprising in a city with more than a million buildings, many of which are over 100 years old. Both new construction and renovations are common in the city, and there are thousands of active construction sites every year. When there are… read more

What Are the Most Dangerous Tools and Equipment on Construction Sites?

Almost every aspect of the job of a construction worker is dangerous, from the job site itself to the equipment and tools in use. In fact, construction workers suffer more fatal workplace accidents than employees of any other occupation.  Of course, some tools and equipment are more dangerous than others at a construction site. Accidents… read more

If I Am Hit by an Uber Driver in NYC, Whom Can I Sue?

No one expects to be injured in an accident – let alone while walking down the street or sidewalk. Unfortunately, pedestrian-involved automobile accidents happen all too often, and the resulting injuries can be devastating. Being involved in any kind of auto accident can have serious physical, mental, and financial consequences that last for years afterward… read more

How Long Should I Wait Before Going to a Chiropractor After a Car Accident in NYC?

Seeing a chiropractor shortly after a car accident in NYC can help to alleviate symptoms of injuries quickly after a car crash. Chiropractic care can also prevent car accident injuries from developing into a more serious medical condition. However, you should always check in with a medical doctor first after an NYC accident — especially… read more

How Many Years Is Law School?

Becoming a lawyer is a serious commitment that requires a lot of time and dedication. Whether you want to help people who have been in car accidents or become a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll have to take the bar exam at some point.  In New York, you’ll typically need a Juris Doctor (JD) before you… read more

Window Tint Laws in New York

Window tinting serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. Having darker windows on your vehicle can allow for a more private commute while enhancing the look of your vehicle. Additionally, it can drastically improve your visibility while on the road, which is beneficial to yourself and other motorists and can help avoid car accidents. However, it… read more

Is It Possible To Get Out of Jury Duty?

Jury duty is an essential part of our justice system. Jurors play a critical role in ensuring that justice is served by listening to evidence and rendering a verdict for guilt or liability. Serving on a jury is considered a civic duty and is required by law. Failure to serve on a jury can result… read more