Bus Accidents

A bus is often deemed to be a common carrier

Not everyone enjoys using the bus, but many people in New York rely on these vehicles at one time or another. Furthermore, if you are visiting somewhere to see the sights, you might decide to take a trip on a tour bus. Whatever the case, there is a good chance that you will have experienced… read more

Tour bus collides with New York building

Throughout New York, tour buses are a common site. This busy state relies on buses as a part of its infrastructure and countless individuals travel on these vehicles every week. However, as is the case with any vehicle on the roads, buses can become embroiled in devastating accidents, often leaving passengers and even other road… read more

You deserve to feel safe on public transport

Many people in New York rely on local bus services to get them around. Unfortunately, not all drivers carry out their jobs with the level of care and diligence that they owe to their passengers. Sadly, the consequence of this negligence is often dire, leading to devastating accidents. Worse still, the victims of these accidents… read more

What are the duties of a common carrier?

Not everyone in New York can drive or even wants to drive. However, they may still need to get around quickly. As such, the state’s public transport system is invaluable. Numerous vehicles travel throughout the state every day, often carrying dozens of people at a time. However, the big problem is that when one of… read more

Know your rights in the wake of a bus accident

Buses are a common sight on the roads of New York. Yet it is easy to forget how easily these essential vehicles can become involved in an accident. Like all large vehicles they have blind spots and are highly susceptible to collisions. Furthermore, since they are often carrying a large number of passengers, the consequences… read more

Woman Struck and killed by City Bus in Queens

A woman was hit and killed by a New York City bus on Monday night in Jackson Heights Queens.  The Q53 bus was turning South on Broadway near 74th Street when the accident happened.  The bus driver was not charged. The front window of the bus was cracked due to the impact.  Witnesses say the… read more

Elderly Woman Maimed by MTA Bus in Queens

Gertrude Schnabel, an 84-year-old woman was hit by an MTA bus in Forest Hills Queens and has suffered devastating injuries including a leg amputation. Ms Schnabel was crossing the street at Queens Boulevard when she was hit by an MTA Q64 bus that was making a right turn from 108th Street to Queens Boulevard.  She… read more