Not everyone in New York can drive or even wants to drive. However, they may still need to get around quickly. As such, the state’s public transport system is invaluable. Numerous vehicles travel throughout the state every day, often carrying dozens of people at a time. However, the big problem is that when one of these vehicles is involved in an accident, the consequences are often devastating.

Any business responsible for transporting people for a fee is generally known as a common carrier. The importance of this is that common carriers are often held to higher legal standards than other drivers, as they are responsible for so many more lives. These individuals often have numerous responsibilities such as alerting passengers about the presence of hazards and taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of those passengers.

In the event of a crash, it is possible for the carrier to be held liable, particularly if it is shown that any relevant safety procedures were not adhered to. However, as this article on bus accidents explains, there are several points that need to be clarified. The carrier must be shown to have breached a duty owed to the passengers and that this caused injury to you or someone else.

Of course, each case is unique, so it is often difficult to predict the outcome of a compensation claim. However, an attorney may be able to offer more detailed advice and guidance. With the right support, you may be able to secure the justice and remuneration you deserve, while ensuring that the responsible individuals are held accountable for their actions.

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