You probably remember the multi-fatality school bus crash in Tennessee. Now the families are pursuing litigation for deaths and fatalities connected to the collision. The nature of dealing with multi-plaintiff suits are complicated, and it isn’t always clear who you can hold responsible for the accident. This post will go over how you investigate and prosecute these cases.

In a bus crash, there are multiple possible defendants. First, the driver, second, the school and then if any third parties are responsible for the crash. Obviously, you want to sue the bus driver, but most drivers will not have the money to compensate you, let alone the other plaintiffs.

Thus, most people file suit against the school or school district. In most cases, the school is responsible for the safety of the children, therefore, if they are injured the school district is liable. Furthermore, in many states schools are under a special duty to protect children, so they are automatically presumed responsible for any injuries, and a school employee was found negligent.

Additionally, there are special rules regarding the time limits that children have to file lawsuits. Most adults must file within the statute of limitations, or period. But for children, their time limit does not start until after they turn 18 (in most states). Thus, you can take the time to ensure that you gather sufficient evidence, legal arguments, and coordinate your efforts before you file suit.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident, then you may want to speak to a lawyer ? you could have a valid claim for personal injury. As illustrated above, litigating bus crashes is complicated because multiple plaintiffs suffer severe injuries which could limit the overall compensation that is available to each person. Furthermore, you are forced to coordinate your litigation strategy with the other plaintiffs, which can get complicated. A lawyer can go over the issues and help you smooth over the potential problems.

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