Everyone is familiar with the big yellow school bus. And perhaps your child boards one to make his or her trek to school. The buses are a staple on television to denote traditional school experiences. Unfortunately, school buses are not all fun memories and nostalgia. School buses are serious machines that must safely bring students to and from school. New York State imposes several regulations on school buses to improve safety.

New York law requires seat belts on every school bus manufactured after 1987. New York does not require the student utilize the seat belts; that decision is left up to the individual districts. But New York does require students under the age of four to use car seats while riding a school bus.

If you have further questions regarding school bus safety in your district, consult your local school for specifics. The districts will divide up seat belt use based on age and use of the school bus. School districts are more likely to mandate seat belt use for younger students than for older students.

If your child was injured in a school bus accident then you may want to speak to an attorney, you could have an actionable lawsuit. As you can see, school buses are equipped with several safety features, but it is largely up to the individual school districts to create policies and to enforce them. An attorney can go over your situation and help you craft a legal strategy to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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