New York is a massive city with plenty of room for exploration. Not even longtime residents have taken the time to visit all of the city’s iconic locations in every borough. Thankfully, more tourists and locals can get the chance to do so now that the weather is perfect for double-decker bus tours. Having no roof can make a massive difference in how you navigate through the city that never sleeps.

Unfortunately, tour buses aren’t always the safest method to travel around. Any mistake the driver makes could result in catastrophic injuries you don’t often see in a typical car crash. If you plan on riding a tour bus in the future, you need to be aware of potential hazards that can come from a reckless driver and signs for when you should get off.

Impatient bus stop exits

It can get understandably difficult to merge back into New York traffic, so many bus drivers try not to wait around too much once they have every person on board. The issue is, they may not see or notice passengers who are either climbing up and down the stairs or people who are standing up on top either to switch seats or take pictures.

Just one burst of speed could send people tumbling on the floor or falling off the top of the bus. Drivers need to make a conscious effort to wait until everyone is seated before taking off.

Devastating crashes

Over the years, there have been several double-decker tour bus crashes throughout New York ranging from Times Square to Central Park. Common causes of these crashes include colliding with another tour bus or truck, coming in too fast to the bus stop or trying to avoid someone or something lying in the middle of the street and heading right into a building or some scaffolding.

Bus crashes don’t normally have too many injuries or fatalities compared to normal car crashes since they are larger and tougher. That’s not the case for tour buses. Not only can passengers fall off after the vehicle collides into something, but they can get hit from the ensuing debris. Five years ago, a tour bus crashed into a traffic light pole and injured 14 people in the process. There are plenty of more ways passengers can receive injuries here compared to a regular bus.

Suspicious signs

It can be difficult to pick up on signs that your tour bus driver may be too dangerous for you, especially since the point of a tour bus is to admire the sites of the city. If the movements of the bus start feeling too unpredictable and you notice how close the driver cuts it to other vehicles and the sidewalk, you may want to consider getting on another bus.

It’s dangerous to try and head to the lower level while the bus is moving, so try and wait until your next opportunity to get off. Make sure to talk to an attorney if you or a loved one suffer from a bus accident to see what your recovery options are.

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