The most vulnerable passengers on New York roadways are children. This makes it especially important that the driver of a school bus has the proper training and abilities to drive a vehicle of this size and transport such important passengers. If you want to become a school bus driver in the state, there are very specific criteria you must meet before you ever hit the road.

The NYC Department of Education explains that school bus drivers must meet some basic requirements that include providing proof of the legal right to work in the country and possessing a commercial driver’s license in the state. You also will need letters of recommendation. In addition, you must pass a criminal background check and a drug test. You need to provide your driving record, along with a certificate that you have completed the required training. Once you are hired, you will have to complete continuing education to maintain your certification. You also must complete and provide proof of a defensive driving course.

In addition to providing all the required documentation and passing background checks, you also must complete testing. This includes a written test and a road test.

Because you will be responsible for children, the process of becoming a school bus driver in New York is very highly regulated. You will have to go through many pre-employment checks and processes. Once employed, you are expected to maintain a good driving record and comply with any requirements. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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