School bus drivers in New York have a pressing responsibility to protect the children they are in charge of getting to and from school each day. While each is required to undergo a background check and considerable training to guarantee that they understand their responsibilities, other motorists must also be paying attention to make sure that the children aboard the bus stay safe. 

A recent increase in accidents involving the school bus fleet in Sussex County, Delaware is beginning to concern bus drivers who feel that distracted or reckless motorists are inhibiting their ability to safely transport the children who they are responsible for. Statistical results from a survey conducted in May of this year has corroborated the drivers’ concerns by showing that of 1,108 drivers who were observed driving around a school bus, there were a disturbing 572 incidents where a vehicle illegally passed a school bus. One concerned driver said that he knew of eight buses that were recently involved in accidents, of which other drivers caused six. 

Experts say that public awareness is a critical component of keeping school children safe when they are riding the bus to and from school. Drivers should slow down when they see a school bus and always stop when its sign is out and children are boarding or getting off of a bus. 

If people have been the victims of a bus accident, they may benefit from the help of an attorney. A legal professional can gather evidence that will support the victim’s claims and give them the best chance at getting the compensation they deserve. 

Source:, “Sussex Co. School Bus Drivers Concerned after Recent Accidents,” Madeleine Overturf, Dec. 4, 2018

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