Everyone can get distracted while driving, and commercial bus drivers are no exception. Distractions that safety experts most commonly talk about include texting or using a phone while driving, adjusting the radio, looking for something that has fallen off the seat, arguing with another passenger and looking at scenery. However, distractions are not limited to that list. Drivers in New York and elsewhere can be dangerously distracted by anything that takes their attention off the task of driving.

A recent accident that occurred in the Chelsea section of Manhattan and involved a Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus illustrates this point. According to CBS New York, a pigeon had flown into the bus. The driver, surprised by the sudden appearance of the bird, allegedly lost control of the bus and struck a sidewalk shed. While nobody was hurt in the crash, authorities said a pedestrian narrowly escaped being hit by the bus.

Most drivers will not encounter a bird in their vehicle, fortunately. However, this incident shows how an unexpected factor, such as a spider, an unruly passenger or an item thrown inside the vehicle can surprise and even frighten a commercial driver and result in an accident.

Most commercial drivers keep safety and professionalism in mind when transporting passengers, but unforeseen accidents still happen. If someone is injured in a bus crash, authorities will attempt to determine fault. A driver or bus company that is found responsible for an accident causing personal injury may be held liable for the medical expenses of passengers.

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