Products Liability

Taking action after your child was injured by a toy

When we buy new toys and gifts for our children, we expect them to be safe. Toys and equipment intended for use by children should have an indication of what age they are appropriate for. If your child is 4 and they were injured by a toy that was labeled as being suitable for children… read more

Can you seek damages in an elevator accident?

It’s difficult to imagine being stuck in an elevator. You’re on your way up to the office, and the elevator chugs to a stop. Maybe the lights flicker. Worse, they go out. You’re suspended by cables high above the ground, in a 36 x 48” box. You hit the buttons, but they don’t seem to… read more

Can an app be sued for product liability?

When we think of dangerous products, things like toys or appliances usually come to mind. However, a new lawsuit is aiming to add digital products into the mix. But how can something without a physical product be harmful? How apps can harm The app in question is dating app Grindr. A New York man claims… read more

What are the FDA’s recall categories?

News that you may be using a recalled product might immediately cause you to panic. The common school of thought amongst many in New York may be that products are only recalled if they are extremely dangerous. Thus, using one automatically puts you and your family in great danger, too. While this may be the… read more

Widely bought holiday toys that come with choking hazards

It is no secret to parents that many toys can pose major choking hazards to young children. In the coming days and weeks after holiday festivities, toddler-age children are likely to find any potentially dangerous parts on their new playthings. As you begin to transition back to normal, daily life again, keep an extra eye… read more

Recent study shows dangers of spinal cord stimulators

Out of all the potential devastating injuries you can receive, few can impair movement quite as much as a spinal cord injury. Whether you receive it from a car crash, fall or heavy object hitting your back, it can be difficult to find work or function normally after the initial incident. Thankfully, medical scientists have… read more

Why is the drug valsartan being recalled?

As the Food and Drug Administration continues its investigation into a popular medication called valsartan, doctors in New York and other cities are concerned about getting the word out to patients that the drug has been recalled. Doctors prescribed the drug to an estimated 3 million hypertension patients throughout the country, Newsday reports, who may… read more

I’m baby-proofing our home; what should I know?

New Yorkers know that baby-proofing their home is part of the process of raising a child and something that should be done by the time their little ones start crawling around. Preventing them from getting into deadly poisons, cleaning products, sharp objects and other harmful things around the home is a priority for their safety…. read more

Bayer says it will no longer sell Essure birth control implants

Following the continuous efforts by health advocates and thousands of women, Bayer announced that it will no longer sell its Essure birth control implant by the end of the year. The permanent birth control method resembles the spring of a ballpoint pen and does not require an incision or invasive surgery. The company says the… read more

Are you using dangerous drugs or consumer products?

New York readers are aware of the growing concern over certain types of consumer products, drugs and medical devices that could cause harm to innocent consumers. Over the last few years, there has been increasing alarm over the fact that many heavily marketed drugs and products, such as baby powder, could be dangerous. There is… read more