Products Liability

Unsafe gas appliances can cause devastating injuries

Many people in New York use gas appliances every day, whether it is a furnace, stove, or anything else with a propane or natural gas line running to it. These appliances are so common that many people take them for granted. However, when one of them malfunctions, the results can be disastrous, ranging from fires… read more

A faulty hip replacement could have devastating effects

Undergoing a hip replacement can be quite a traumatic experience. It is a large operation from which it takes a considerable amount of time to recover. Even so, a successful hip replacement can greatly improve your quality of life, so it is often worth the inconvenience. However, it is an unfortunate fact that these procedures… read more

Defective toys could harm your children

It is every parent’s worst nightmare: your child is happily playing with a new toy when, suddenly, disaster strikes. Perhaps there is a small, detachable part, perhaps the edges are too sharp or perhaps the toy contains or is coated with a hazardous substance. Whatever the case, such incidents could cause devastating harm to your… read more

Smith & Wesson faces product liability case over gun discharge

It is easy to forget how dangerous some of the products you use in your day-to-day life can be. When an item you are relying on malfunctions, it can be extremely frustrating. However, worse than that, it could end up injuring you or someone else. In New York, many people suffer injuries as the result… read more

Honda to compensate man injured by faulty seatbelt

Every day in New York, we put our faith in a vast number of products. But what happens when those products fail? Sometimes it is only a minor annoyance. However, in other cases, a defective product can be extremely dangerous or even life-threatening. Manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately,… read more

GM Recalls Expand to more vehicles

General Motors has announced that it has recalled 8.4 million more vehicles worldwide due to an ignition recalled.  This announcement came just after General Motors compensation expert unveiled a plan to pay victims of accidents involving the previously 2.6 million recalled vehicles. Under the plan, GM has promised payments for people critically injured and more… read more

Federal investigation launched over defective tires

It is a worrying thought that every day in New York we put our lives in the hands of countless manufacturers, having faith that their products will be safe and reliable. Most of the time this is no problem as these products are tested and maintained to high standard. However, when a manufacturer fails to… read more

Companies refuse product recall despite known flaws

When a product you are relying on doesn’t function as it is supposed to, it can be frustrating at best. However, if the malfunction of that item affects your safety, the consequences can be far more severe. Manufacturers are responsible for the safety standards of their wares and can be held accountable for a defective… read more

General Motors admits to earlier knowledge of dangerous defects

Not all products stand the test of time; yet when you purchase something, you expect it to adhere to a certain standard. A company has a responsibility to ensure that whatever it sells is fit for its purpose. It should be able to perform its required function and it should do so safely. Unfortunately, this… read more

Merck agrees to $100 million NuvaRing settlement

It is the responsibility of drug manufacturing companies to thoroughly determine the risks and side effects of drugs that they put out on the market. Providing insufficient warning or failing to pull defective drugs from the market can result in product liability lawsuits against the company. As for the consumers, they might suffer from serious… read more