Every day in New York, we put our faith in a vast number of products. But what happens when those products fail? Sometimes it is only a minor annoyance. However, in other cases, a defective product can be extremely dangerous or even life-threatening. Manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately, this does not always mean that those products are either safe or reliable.

Sadly, when one of these products fails to do its job, it is usually the consumer that suffers. Such was the case for a 57-year-old man who experienced a car accident in Baltimore. The vehicle rolled over after a tire blowout caused him to lose control of it. According to the victim’s lawyer, the seat belt failed to protect the victim, who hit his head on the car roof as a result.

The accident left the man suffering paralysis from the chest down. This in turn has affected his ability to continue his job as a glazier. However, a spokesman for Honda, the division of Acura responsible for the car the victim was driving, denied any fault with the seat belt. Nevertheless, the jury appeared to disagree, awarding the victim more than $55 million in damages.

The award is intended to cover the victim’s pain and suffering, along with the expenses and loss of earnings incurred by the accident. Sadly, it cannot change the fact that this man’s life has been permanently altered. Manufacturers must be held accountable for their faulty products so those products may be removed from the market. Only by identifying and tackling the source of the problem can it be prevented from affecting anyone else.

This accident could just as easily have befallen someone in New York and anyone who has been harmed by a defective product in this way can surely sympathize. An attorney can be particularly useful in these situations as he or she can advise you on your rights and the best course of action to take. By standing up to those responsible, you may be able to seek compensation and justice for your injuries.

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