Many people in New York use gas appliances every day, whether it is a furnace, stove, or anything else with a propane or natural gas line running to it. These appliances are so common that many people take them for granted. However, when one of them malfunctions, the results can be disastrous, ranging from fires to explosions, causing severe injuries and even death.

Burn injuries can leave the victims permanently scarred, and can even leave them permanently disabled. Furthermore, the shock of these injuries can often be enough to kill the victim, even if they receive immediate medical treatment. To make things worse, the open nature of a burn injury means it is extremely prone to infection, putting the victim in further danger.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products adhere to safety standards and have been adequately tested before distribution. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and it is the consumer that pays the price. Irresponsible manufacturers must be challenged so the issues can be identified and any further dangerous products may be recalled.

Our page on burn injuries has further information on what you can do if you or a loved one are harmed by a defective product. Covering the cost of medical bills associated with such an accident can be difficult, but a successful product liability claim may relieve some of the burden. An attorney may be able to offer advice on building your case and support you as you pursue the justice and remuneration you deserve.

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