It is a worrying thought that every day in New York we put our lives in the hands of countless manufacturers, having faith that their products will be safe and reliable. Most of the time this is no problem as these products are tested and maintained to high standard. However, when a manufacturer fails to meet its safety obligations and releases a defective product, it is the consumer who pays the price.

Another worry when faulty products hit the market is that even if they are recalled, some of them may still reach consumers. A recent investigation into defective tires has suggested that only about one in five tires gets sent back to the manufacturer after being recalled. These findings have become a cause of great concern for investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board.

The investigation was launched in a bid to find out why there are faulty tires on the road. A fatal accident in Florida was a partial inspiration for the probe. The church van involved in the accident bore a faulty tire that had been recalled a year before, unbeknown to church officials or even mechanics. Retail outlets in San Francisco and Atlanta were even found to have recalled tires still on sale, according to an investigation carried out by ABC News.

In this case, then, the fault lies not only with the manufacturer, but with the recall system. Whatever the case, the result is the same. Faulty tires can easily lead to accidents on the road, claiming lives and causing massive damage to people and property. Hundreds of deaths each year are thought to be caused by tire-related incidents.

This issue affects drivers across the U.S. including in New York, so it is vital to be on the lookout for news of recalls. If you are injured by a defective product, it is vital to challenge the manufacturer, to prevent others being harmed in the same way. An attorney can help you prepare your case and may be able to assist you in securing compensation for your injuries.

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