Products Liability

The Three Types of Products Liability Suits

One of the worst kind of accidents or disasters can occur when something you take for granted stops working. It could be something simple, like if your alarm clock breaks on the very day you have an important appointment. And it is also true when your car suddenly catches fire for no discernable reason. Last week General… read more

Insufficient warning on pot leads to lawsuit

Marijuana legalization has been a hot-button topic for several years. Advocates suggest that commercializing it would help remove the stigma and danger associated with the drug. However, a recent lawsuit against one of the largest marijuana growers in the nation may show consumers that making pot legal doesn’t necessarily make it safe. Two marijuana users… read more

Support is on hand if you are injured by a defective product

Many residents of New York have very busy lives, so when something fails to go according to plan, it can be a real problem. It is particularly frustrating when an item on which you are relying malfunctions and you might even feel inclined to complain to the manufacturer. What happens when that malfunction not only… read more

You may be able to claim compensation for food poisoning

As any food-lover in New York knows, food poisoning can be awful. It can leave you feeling extremely unwell with symptoms that make you wish you hadn’t decided to eat. Worse still, depending on the severity of the case, it could seriously endanger your health and even become life threatening. If this happens to you… read more

Are drugs covered by product liability laws?

Every year in New York, countless consumers have negative experiences with products they have purchased. Some of these incidents are simply frustrating malfunctions. However, in other cases the fault has devastating consequences, resulting in serious injuries or worse for the consumer involved. All too often, these accidents are not simply a case of bad luck,… read more

Be aware of asbestos in your home

As many residents of New York are aware, asbestos can be extremely dangerous. Exposure can lead to a number of serious illnesses including mesothelioma, cancer and lung complaints. While you might hope that you are not at risk from such a substance, as this article on personal injury explains, everyone is exposed to it to… read more

You deserve to feel safe using everyday products

Residents of New York are often on the move, traveling to work, taking children to school, going to fetch groceries, the list is endless. This means that when a product they need goes wrong, it can throw their entire day out. Furthermore, depending on the type and extent of the malfunction, they could even face… read more

Can designers be liable for a flawed product?

Consumers in New York hope for the best from the products they buy, as does anyone. However, once in a while, they are let down, often with drastic and disastrous results. It is one thing when a product fails to function as it should. It is quite another when that same product malfunctions in a… read more

Are you being poisoned?

As you may already be aware, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe and functional. This means that they should do the job they are supposed to without causing harm and without malfunctioning in a way that might cause harm. However, something that many people in New York forget is that… read more

Check whether your car has been recalled

When products you rely on fail, it can be frustrating, distressing and even dangerous. This is especially the case when the product in question is your vehicle. Many families in New York rely on their cars for many aspects of their day-to-day living, whether they are taking children to school, traveling to work or simply… read more