One of the worst kind of accidents or disasters can occur when something you take for granted stops working. It could be something simple, like if your alarm clock breaks on the very day you have an important appointment. And it is also true when your car suddenly catches fire for no discernable reason.

Last week General Motors Corp. issued a fourth recall dealing with an engine fire problem. The engine fires are caused when oil drips onto the engine block and ignites. GM has issued recalls before to address the problem. However, another component, a valve cover, was discovered to deteriorate, causing leakage that led to fires.

Understandably, some owners of the cars affected by the recalls expressed dismay at the automaker’s inability to correct the problem in a more timely and permanent fashion. But there is a larger issue at stake. Reportedly, G.M. is aware of over 1,300 fires caused by oil drips in cars that had been repaired in previous recalls. In addition, some of these fires caused people to suffer injuries.

Companies have a duty to make sure their products are safe for consumer use. It is possible that a product defect could cause serious or even fatal injuries. For this reason, companies should engage in strict quality control prior to putting a product on the market. Companies must also be willing and able to perform recalls of products that are proven unsafe once being sold to the general public.

Should a product cause a consumer to be harmed, the company may be held liable for damages. In turn, the consumer may be eligible for compensation.

If you are injured due to a defect, then you need an attorney that understands how to litigate a product’s liability case. There may be various litigation paths which an experienced attorney could explore when mapping out a legal strategy.

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