Undergoing a hip replacement can be quite a traumatic experience. It is a large operation from which it takes a considerable amount of time to recover. Even so, a successful hip replacement can greatly improve your quality of life, so it is often worth the inconvenience. However, it is an unfortunate fact that these procedures are not always successful.

Many complications involving hip replacements in New York and throughout the US arise from the use of metal implants. As is explained here, these metal implants were originally introduced because they were expected to be more durable than the existing plastic and ceramic options. However, they were later connected with a variety of severe health issues and many manufacturers withdrew the product from the market.

One of the issues that could arise is the release of metallic debris into the host’s body. This is caused by friction between the metallic parts of the implant. It can result in swelling, pain and even blood poisoning. As a result, many patients have since filed lawsuits against the manufacturers, accusing them of releasing a flawed product and providing inadequate warning of the potential dangers.

If you have received one of these implants, it is important to monitor your health carefully and seek medical support immediately if you suspect any problems. Your well-being is important and you should not have to suffer the consequences of a defective hip replacement.

If you have already been affected by one of these faulty implants or any other failed medical device, you might want to file a product liability suit. An attorney can help you to understand whether you have a case and may be able to assist you in pursuing the remuneration your deserve.

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