New York readers are aware of the growing concern over certain types of consumer products, drugs and medical devices that could cause harm to innocent consumers. Over the last few years, there has been increasing alarm over the fact that many heavily marketed drugs and products, such as baby powder, could be dangerous. There is some evidence that suggests, for example, that baby powder contains ingredients that lead to a higher chance of developing cancer.

There have been a few successful lawsuits against manufacturers of dangerous products, and there will likely be more filed in the future. Recently, a group of plaintiffs received billions in damages through a lawsuit filed against well-known company Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit alleged baby powder could cause certain types of cancer.

Dangerous products and consumer rights

In this recent ruling, a court demanded that the company pay both punitive damages and compensatory damages to cancer-stricken women and their families. The group that filed this lawsuit claims that the company knew its product contained dangerous levels of asbestos, a known carcinogen. It may be beneficial to understand the following about this specific case:

  • The plaintiffs accused the company of knowing about the danger of using their baby powder, yet it failed to warn consumers.
  • The company is also facing almost 9,000 other plaintiffs in similar cases around the country, stemming from allegations that this product causes cancer.
  • The damages awarded in this claim are some of the highest ever given through a products liability claim. The company states it will fight the verdict through appeals.

While these plaintiffs were successful in their claim to secure a positive verdict through their products liability claim, this does not necessarily mean the other lawsuits will be successful as well. There is a lot of debate over the allegations made against the company, specifically that it knew of the risks associated with certain products, yet hid it from consumers for decades.

The rights of victims

This lawsuit serves as an example of the importance of speaking up and seeking help when a dangerous consumer product causes harm. If you are struggling with the effects of a consumer product that led to your health problems, illness or physical injuries, you do not have to navigate the aftermath alone. You have the right to seek guidance regarding ways you can fight for appropriate compensation. Product liability claims can be complex, but it can be helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your potential legal claim.

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