Truck accidents are devastating, far more devastating than a run-of-the-mill crash between two midsize sedans. As discussed in a prior article, they are also complicated to litigate. This article is part two and sums up the rest of the information you should bring to a meetingg with an attorney. What will follow is broken down into three categories that establish the harm you suffered and the amount of money you need in compensation.

First, you are entitled to compensation to fix or replace your vehicle. When you go to see your attorney bring in information about your car such as: the year, make and model. Also bring any loan documents regarding your car, bank documents and other financial records that demonstrate how much you owe on it, if any. Additionally, bring any records that report on the condition of your car such as: invoices, pictures and repair estimates.

You may also be compensated for medical costs. Your attorney will need copies of all your medical bills including: hospital records, prescriptions, co-pays, doctor visits, x-rays and other procedures. You are generally only compensated for injuries for which you were not reimbursed. So, you may also need your insurance policy and any receipts showing reimbursements. Furthermore, bring medical assessments. Specifically, what is your prognosis? Will you need additional medical care into the future? How much? Think expansively on your medical costs.

Finally, take stock of your personal finances. Are you able to work? If yes, are you working less, by how much? Bring copies of your paystubs, bank records and letters from your employer. Are you able to keep your home despite the loss of your income? Are you receiving other compensation, such as disability insurance? Additionally, bring with you your car insurance policy and driver’s license. You will need proof that you were permitted to drive and covered by insurance.

If you or a loved one was in a truck accident then you may want to consult with a personal injury attorney. These cases, as you can see, are very complex. The more serious your injuries, the more money that is at stake and the more complex these cases become. Having an attorney work on your behalf could help allow you to focus on your family and on recovering.

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