The majority of accidents with trucks occur in one of the four “no-zones.” A no-zone is an area around the truck that is exceptionally dangerous because of the structure of the trucks. This post is specifically addressing big rigs with attached tractor-trailers. There are no-zones around every vehicle, including passenger cars, but in those situations, they are often called “blind spots.”

There are four no-zones:

  • Front;
  • Rear;
  • Side;
  • Wide-turn.

This post will go over each no-zone and how you can avoid them. The front of a truck is dangerous because semi-trucks need significantly more time to brake and come to a stop than passenger vehicles. Many people do not appreciate this and cut trucks off, causing accidents. It is critical that you give trucks plenty of space to see you and brake accordingly.

The rear of the semi-truck is dangerous because truck drivers do not have rear-view mirrors. The rear-view mirror is often blocked by the trailer, therefore, they rely on their side mirrors. But, the side mirrors cannot show objects that are directly behind the truck. A good rule is if you cannot see yourself in the mirror, then the driver cannot see you.

Similarly, big rigs sit very high up therefore the side mirrors cannot catch objects that are up next to the truck. The driver can only see if you if he leans out and looks. It is far safer to avoid being directly next to trucks.

Finally, big rigs take very wide turns, especially right turns. It is critical that you wait for the truck to complete its turn. Do not try to sneak in a quick right turn; the truck will crush you between the curb and itself.

Were you injured in an accident with a truck? If you were, you should call a personal injury attorney to review your rights to compensation. Truck accidents are particularly scary because most people come out them with severe injuries. You will need the help of an attorney to secure fair compensation for your injuries. Remember, that money needs to pay for all of your medical bills, possibly, for the rest of your life. It is critical you don’t accept their first offer as that is almost always never sufficient to cover all of your bills.

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