When people are involved in a large truck accident, the outcome can be especially perilous. Not only does it take large truck drivers longer to slow down, but the massive size of their trucks can make a collision even more devastating. In Manhattan, and on roads across New York, it is essential for those who drive a semi, delivery truck or other large truck to understand the importance of preventing these accidents.

A truck collision that recently took place in the state of Illinois claimed the lives of two people from New York. Law enforcement officials say that two semi trucks collided during the crash, which resulted in a fiery scene and brought traffic on I-70 to a complete stop. The accident claimed the lives of two New Yorkers, a 60-year-old from Glen Falls and a 51-year-old from Brooklyn.

Officials say that the driver of one tractor-trailer did not slow down and rammed into another tractor-trailer, resulting in the death of the driver as well as a passenger who was riding along in the truck. The crash, which occurred around 3:55 p.m., also left debris scattered across the road.

After a crash, victims of a truck accident and their family members may be uncertain of what to do next. Not only do many experience physical pain, emotional trauma and financial complications, but these accidents can generate an incredible amount of anxiety. However, those whose lives have been upended because of a truck crash deserve justice and should examine their options. In fact, some benefit from reaching out to an attorney and discussing what they have been through.

Source: Effingham Daily News, “Two die in I-70 crash on Saturday,” Graham Mildrum, Feb. 26, 2017

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