The American Trucking Association (or “ATA”) put out some guidelines for drivers interacting with trucks. Trucks are an altogether different beast and, unless you were a former trucker, you probably do not appreciate how dangerous they are. Sure, it is easy to note the size and loudness of the trucks but it is hard to imagine how destructive and hard to control they can be. This article will discuss the various safety tips on how to interact with trucks and, hopefully, avoid accidents.

Truckers and drivers are all connected to one another and the Internet through a dizzying array of devices, from radios to phones and GPS devices. This information is great; it allows drivers to get updated information on weather, hazards and other safety issues on the road ahead. But, it also means that drivers are more distracted.

The ATA recommends that drivers maintain between a 20 and 25 car length distance for trucks. The reason for such a huge distance is justified on several grounds:

  • Trucks are very large and are capable of driving over fallen debris like a tree. However, you do not have that luxury in a four-door sedan.
  • You are most likely to encounter trucks on highways at high speeds and 20 to 25 car lengths provides only a few seconds of time to react.
  • Traffic jams can appear suddenly on highways, especially if they are the result of an accident that recently occurred. Semi-trucks block a lot of your view of the road ahead, which means that those sudden traffic jams can sneak up on you.

As always, the best advice is to stay alert when you are driving. If you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, then you may want to contact a personal injury attorney. Most trucks and drivers will be from out of your state and covered by a complicated layer of insurance companies. An attorney can help you sift through the paperwork and may be able to get compensation for your injuries.

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