Driving around New York City, there’s a lot to take in. Buses, taxis and lost tourists create some major traffic problems, but the biggest offenders are accidents. Or more specifically, the drivers staring at an accident.

One of the most infuriating parts of traffic congestion is that most of it is preventable. Rubbernecking is a serious cause of slowdowns near accident scenes. Not only does rubbernecking grind traffic to a halt, but it also brings major accident risks as well.

Not a harmless behavior

Despite what many drivers may claim, slowing to stare at first responders or a fender bender is not a harmless action. Rubbernecking is actually a major cause of distracted driving. Drivers who slow trying to catch a glimpse of a wreck create a ripple effect of congestion.

Rubbernecking also creates a higher chance of additional accidents. According to researchers, rubbernecking is responsible for up to 16 percent of all accidents. As more drivers take their eyes off the road to look at the shoulder, the chances for rear-end collisions increases.

Then there’s the delayed effect of drivers speeding or driving overly-aggressive (even for New York standards). Once the congestion begins to clear, many cars gun it to make up for lost time. This is another common site for accidents.

It’s entirely preventable

Rubbernecking isn’t a complex problem, but drivers can’t seem to help ourselves. If everyone spent more time watching the road, congestion would decrease and we wouldn’t have as many slowdowns.

Distracted driving is a major issue on New York roads, and rubbernecking plays a major part in preventable accidents.

Holding drivers accountable

It’s irresponsible and downright dangerous for people to rubberneck. Most don’t realize the chance they are taking by eyeballing a crash.

If you’re involved in an accident because a driver found flashing lights more important than the road ahead of them, a skilled attorney can help. Don’t let someone else’s curiosity cost you missed work or hospital bills.

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