Trucking companies and their drivers in New York have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles and drive with care. Although the majority of transport companies and employees take their duties seriously, the consequences can be catastrophic when something goes wrong. Commercial trucks might weight as much as 80,000 pounds. These enormous 18-wheelers can crush passenger vehicles and leave victims disabled. When investigations of truck accidents reveal negligent actions, they typically conclude that driver error, recklessness or inadequate maintenance caused the wreck.

Studies of trucking accidents have found that about 22% of these crashes result from errors made by truck drivers. They might have been drowsy, intoxicated, distracted or driving too fast for conditions. Bad weather requires truck drivers to reduce their speeds because their heavy vehicles are difficult to stop.

Commercial trucks require ongoing maintenance due to the continual wear and tear that the vehicles experience. Drivers should report mechanical issues to their maintenance crews as soon as they see them. Even when companies keep up with maintenance, they remain vulnerable to defective products. Parts that fail due to manufacturing errors might place liability for an accident on the manufacturer.

Someone who suffers significant injuries after a truck crash might struggle to uncover details about the cause of a wreck. However, an attorney could provide valuable assistance by tracking down the police accident report, checking trucking logs or investigating defective parts. Legal representation might also insulate the person from an insurer’s attempt to settle the claim for a low amount. An attorney may have a greater capacity to recognize applicable insurance coverage and pressure an insurer into paying the victim a settlement that acknowledges all covered losses.

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