In New York and elsewhere, many individuals take for granted the food products we purchase from the grocery store. Many of us trust the manufacturers and retailers of the product to provide safe and eatable products. Unfortunately, some food products are not packaged properly and may be a defective product. Recently, a food company recalled one of its food products.

Annie’s, a food company that produces natural food products, has recalled some of their frozen pizzas. According to reports, the company recalled some pizzas due to a concern that the food may have fragments of a metal mesh from a defective screen used at a flour mill where pizzas are produced. Annie’s is concerned that the pizzas may contain small fragments of wire, which were undetectable by the company’s metal equipment. The recall involves various frozen pizzas with best-by-dates of January through September of this year. There have been no reports of injuries or complaints from consumers; the recall was precautionary and voluntarily enacted by Annie’s.

In cases in which a person has been injured due to the dangers presented by a product, the injured or their loved ones may seek a product liability claim. There are three types of defects: manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects. In the case above, a person injured by the product may consider a manufacturing defect.

A product has a manufacturing defect when the product was not developed according to a designer’s or maker’s specifications. A design defect exists when a product contains a flaw that causes the product to be unreasonably dangerous. A marketing defect typically occurs when a product is incorrectly labeled or does not warn consumers of potential dangers presented by the product.

Every year, dangerous products harm many individuals. For some, a product liability claim may provide justice and compensation for the injured.

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