Products are made for the purpose of serving consumers by making their lives better and easier. Unfortunately, this is not the case with some automobiles. Because of negligent manufacturers, sometimes the use of a defective product in Manhattan results in life-threatening injuries. In fact, some of New York’s most terrible deaths came from accidents caused by a dangerous product.

In recent news, a renowned auto manufacturer said that it had reached an agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The company will recall older jeep and SUV models that are considered dangerous because of their faulty fuel tanks. This is linked to an occurrence earlier this month when the company did not comply with the NHTSA’s request for a product recall.

The NHTSA argued that a collision from the back could rupture the gas tanks and cause a fire. According to the NHTSA, 51 people have died because of fiery crashes. The company stated that dealers will check the vehicles and upgrade the back structure, although it claimed that the vehicles are not defective. The government, on the other hand, requested the company to recall 2.7 million of their vehicles.

In New York, product liability claims may stem from defective products that cause harm to their users. Design flaws and lack of product testing are negligent offenses. For example, car manufacturers should perform stringent crash tests to ensure that their vehicles are safe for Manhattan’s consumers.

The family members of a product liability victim have the right to file a lawsuit against the company. A good attorney may effectively strategize on how the plaintiffs may be able to receive compensation and bring justice for the death of their loved one.

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