Even the pickiest consumers get their share of defective products. Some product defects are not visible and it may be some time before they surface, possibly causing injuries. Those who sustain injuries due to a dangerous product may explore the possibility of product liability due to the maker’s negligence and pursue the manufacturer for damages.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency that oversees product recalls, advises discontinuing the use of a product that poses a fall hazard: Baby Jogger Strollers’ car seat adaptors, which were recently recalled. According to the report, the strollers were sold at Buy Baby and other retailers from April 1, 2012, until September 20, 2012. The manufacturer of the product received 47 reports of the failure of the support bar, which is being replaced in the recall.

Unfortunately, cases like this one are becoming common. For their own safety and their children’s safety, consumers must be extremely vigilant and constantly check the news for advisories on product recalls.

When a defective product causes injury, victims may seek compensation by filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. However, big companies are prepared to aggressively defend their name and reputation, so, in Manhattan or anywhere, those who are injured by a dangerous or defective product will probably need to get the best information about pressing a claim. Some of these types of lawsuits can get very technically detailed, especially when product designs are at issue. Knowing the options on how to pursue a claim can make the difference between success and failure.

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