Defective Toys And Children’s Products

Defective Toys And Children’s Products

When you purchase a toy for your child, you never imagine it could injure or kill your child. Sadly, thousands of children visit emergency rooms each year because of toy-related injuries. Unfortunately, some children do not survive their injuries.

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., our New York City defective toys lawyers can help you identify the defect in the toy that harmed your child. Then, we can demand that the toy’s manufacturers, distributors, and other parties pay for their negligence and wrongdoing. 

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How Our New York City Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Defective Toy Injures Your Child

Defective toys are dangerous. They need to be removed from the market. One way to bring attention to the matter is to file a personal injury claim. 

However, product liability cases involving children’s toys can be very complicated. First, you have the burden of proving that the toy was defective. Second, you need to obtain experts to assist with the investigation, which can be costly.

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., we have the resources to hire experts and pursue toy-related injuries. We have four decades of experience handling product liability claims. We will not stop until we exhaust every legal avenue to recover compensation for your child’s injuries and damages. 

When you hire our legal team to handle your case, you can expect us to:

  • Conduct a complete investigation to gather evidence and expose negligence 
  • Work with experts to prove the toy was defective and dangerous
  • Work with doctors to determine the extent of their injuries and impairments
  • Calculate the value of your child’s damages and fight to recover maximum compensation 
  • File a lawsuit and advocate for your child’s rights in court

Seeking legal advice from a personal injury lawyer after a child’s injury is the best way to protect your child. Call now for your free appointment with a New York City personal injury attorney. 

How Often Do Defective Toys Cause Injuries and Deaths for Children?

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission reported 14 toy-related deaths in 2019 among children 14 years of age or younger. It is estimated that toys caused 224,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment the same year.

About three-quarters of the ER visits were children 14 years of age and younger. One-third of the children were four years of age and younger. 

A defective toy could present a variety of dangers to a child. For example, choking hazards from toys with small parts are common toy-related accidents for small children.

Toy defects generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Design Defects – Toys that are inherently dangerous because of a flaw in the design
  • Manufacturing Defects – Toys that are defective because of a mistake or error during the manufacturing process
  • Defects in Marketing – This category includes failure to include adequate instructions for use and failure to provide adequate warnings

Product liability cases involving toy defects involve complex legal issues. Our New York City defective toy lawyers understand these issues and how to use evidence and the law to prove negligence, strict liability, and other causes of action that can result in liability for damages. 

Injuries and Damages Caused by Defective Toys

Children can sustain a variety of injuries from defective toys. Unfortunately, products recalled for defects are not the only toys that can cause harm. In many cases, a toy that causes harm has not been recalled.

Injuries caused by defective toys include:

The types of damages caused by defective toys include medical bills, personal care, and reduction of earning potential. A child may also experience significant pain and suffering.

A childhood injury can cause long-term impairments and disabilities. For example, a brain injury could result in cognitive, emotional, and physical impairments. In addition, a child may experience developmental delays because of a defective toy injury.

Your child deserves to be compensated fully for all these damages. 

What Parties Are Liable for Damages Caused by a Defective Toy in NYC?

The creator or designer of a toy may be liable for inherent design flaws. The toy manufacturer, distributor, and other parties may also share in the liability. Daycares, schools, and other third parties could be liable for allowing children to play with recalled products or toys with known defects. 

The only way to determine who is liable for your child’s injuries is to conduct a diligent investigation. Our legal team is ready to search for the answers you deserve.

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