New York City IVC Filter Migration Lawyer

New York City IVC Filter Migration Lawyer

IVC filters have saved many lives by preventing a blood clot from reaching the lungs or brain. However, there have also been many adverse events associated with IVC filters. Some side effects have proven to be life-threatening. 

Our New York City IVC filter migration lawyers at Rosenbaum Personal Injury Lawyers have handled numerous cases involving inferior vena cava filters, also known as “IVC filters.”

We understand the complications from IVC filter migration and the harm it can cause for a patient.

If you have an IVC filter and have experienced complications, including IVC filter migration, contact us for a free consultation with a New York City personal injury lawyer. 

Our lawyers have over 40 years of experiencing working with injured persons in New York City, NY. Let us use our considerable resources, skills, and experience to fight for fair compensation for your personal injury case. 

How Our New York City Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Injured Because of IVC Filter Migration

How Our New York City Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if You’ve Been Injured Because of IVC Filter Migration

Filter migration is just one complication that arises from using an IVC filter.

Patients can suffer catastrophic injuries and deaths from medical device defects and malfunctions. At Rosenbaum Personal Injury Lawyers, our New York City personal injury attorneys work with medical experts who can diagnose complications and injuries caused by IVC filters.

We work to identify the parties responsible for your injuries so we can hold them accountable for your damages. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Begin an immediate investigation into your case to determine how your injuries occurred
  • Analyze laws related to defective medical devices and product liability claims
  • Document your damages to maximize the value of your personal injury case
  • File insurance claims and product liability claims 
  • Negotiate for compensation for the full amount of your damages
  • Aggressively represent you at trial to get you the money you deserve

With over four decades of experience handling product liability claims, our personal injury lawyers in New York City, New York, are prepared to handle your case. 

Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with a New York City IVC filter migration lawyer. Let us help you hold the negligent parties responsible for your injuries. 

How Common is IVC Filter Migration?

Numerous IVC filters lawsuits are pending for damages caused by IVC filters. One of the most serious and life-threatening complications from IVC filters is migration. After the filter is impacted, it can dislodge and move. In some cases, the IVC filter can break or fracture, causing multiple pieces of the device to migrate. 

What Are Common Causes of IVC Filter Migration?

What Are Common Causes of IVC Filter Migration?

An IVC filter is a tiny medical device that is placed in a person’s inferior vena cava vein with interventional radiology. The filter prevents a blood clot from moving through the vein to the lungs. A blood clot in the lungs could result in a fatal pulmonary embolism. 

The IVC filter looks like an umbrella without any fabric covering the wires. The “struts” or the “legs” of the device open when the IVC is positioned in the vein.

Opening the struts too far can cause a tear in the interior walls of the vein. However, if the struts are not open enough, the device can migrate because it does not have a sufficient hold to stay in place.

IVC filters are temporary solutions. The longer they are in the vein, the greater the risk they deteriorate or become damaged. Moreover, the damage and deterioration can lead to migration. When the risk of a pulmonary embolism passes, the device should be removed to prevent the risk of IVC filter migration. 

Common Types of Injuries Caused by IVC Filter Migration

Serious medical complications can arise when an IVC filter migrates. 

Problems that could arise because of IVC filter migration include:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Heart attack
  • Damage to arteries and veins leading to and from the heart
  • Pulmonary embolisms
  • Cardiac tamponade
  • Perforation of the inferior vena cava,  leading to the piercing of adjacent internal organs, the aorta, or the spine
  • Infection
  • Entrapment of a guidewire
  • Retrieval complications

Complications caused by IVC filter migration require immediate medical attention. Failure to recognize the symptoms of a migrated IVC filter can result in death or permanent impairment. 

Many patients do not feel anything when the IVC dislodges and moves. However, symptoms begin to appear after the filter begins moving along the vein. 

Symptoms can include pain in the neck, chest, abdomen, and back. A person may also experience nausea, low blood pressure, confusion, and lightheadedness. Heart arrhythmia or other heart rhythm problems may also be present. 

Who is Liable for an IVC Filter Migration?

Who is Liable for an IVC Filter Migration?

A doctor or other medical provider could be liable if medical negligence or errors caused the IVC filter to migrate. However, many of these devices are subject to lawsuits claiming they are defective. The lawsuits implicate several different manufacturers of IVC filters.

If an IVC filter is defective, the manufacturer and other parties could be liable under product liability laws.

These cases are extremely complicated. It is best to hire a New York City product liability lawyer who has experience handling IVC filter migration cases. Also, New York’s statute of limitations limits your time to file a claim for damages caused by IVC filters. Therefore, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. 

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